Operators in Rainbow Six Siege – Full guide

Operators in Rainbow Six Siege Full guide

Please note that some operators are available from the start for free and others were added regularly with the DLC and the updates. You can unlock the newly added agents using the Renown accumulated in the game, you can also use the R6 Credits to buy the operators that you want or just buy the seasons pass for the current year.

rainbow six siege operators guide

In this article, we are going to provide you with a full guide about the attack operators in R6 siege. But firstly, let’s take a look at the recruits, who can be adapted to both attack and defense.

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The recruits

The recruits have a special role in R6 siege. If at the launching of the game they were the basic operators and especially the default ones when we did not select another character, they became over time very useful for trolling.
When you choose a recruit, your operator’s class (speed and armor) will be defined by your choices (unit and equipment).

At first, you can choose the unit, which the recruit will part of. The choice is made between the special forces of the basic version. You have the choice between SAS, FBI, GIGN, SPETNAZ and GSG9. Each recruit can then be equipped with almost any available weapon in this unit as well as 2 gadgets instead of 1 (equipment varies between attack and defense).

In return, the recruit can’t customize his weapons, he has no particular power and in defense, he can use barricades, but he can carry only a single reinforcement. It is for this last reason that the recruit is to be avoided unless you are the type to troll the enemies.
Now let’s move to the other operators.



Thatcher is one of two SAS attackers, a recognizable unit wearing gas masks. He is the only member of the squad to be equipped with an AR33 rifle, an assault rifle with a high rate of fire but a small magazine. His second assault rifle is the L85A2; very effective. His IEM grenades allow him to disable Bandit’s electrical devices or the signal jammers of Mute…
He can also disturb the opponent by temporarily cutting the cameras of all types as well as the sight reticule of the defenders.

With the addition of more operators having technologies and electronics, the field of competence of Thatcher continues to grow to the point that he is the only operator to be able to counter nearly half of his counterparts. Thatcher is, without doubt, one of the best and essential operators in Rainbow Six Siege.


Mindless, yet very powerful, Sledge is an SAS attacker just like Thatcher. His primary weapon 591A1 shotgun is the most balanced in the game and his assault rifle L85A2 has little recoil and it is perfect for long and medium-range combat.

With Sledge on the team, there’s no need for explosive charges on the walls, windows or traps, but also on Castle’s barricades, because, thanks to his sledgehammer, he can destroy everything on the map except reinforced walls and non-destructible elements. Sledge is perfect for teams that love fast assaults that may surprise the opponent. His shotgun is very powerful, allowing him to be excellent in close combat. His ability places him in the front line, without dispute!


Ash, Eliza Cohen, is one of the basic attackers of the Rainbow squad: she has a particularly high speed that allows her to locate the scene of an operation in no time. Her arsenal is also based on her increased assault skills, with an M120 grenade launcher able to destroy barricades and unreinforced walls very easily.

Ash is the perfect operator for rushing towards the objective and stirring trouble among enemy troops. Don’t let her pretty face deceive you, because Ash is really a badass operator!

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If there are relatively few essential operators, Thermite is part of this very private circle. This is because his assault rifle is very lethal; especially at long and medium range. And also and above all, because he is the only operator able to easily create a breach in the enemy defense, destroying the reinforced walls with his Exothermic charge (it must be used with the coordination of his teammates)…

This ability can create two large openings, allowing the agents to invest the room. However, he is particularly vulnerable to “Bandit Tricks” (electrical device installed when Thermite triggers his charge). Thermite is great, especially when he has Hibana, Thatcher and Twitch on his side.


A member of the GIGN and original agent, Twitch is an operator who has a unique ability, which is the “Shock Drone” that can disable traps or attack enemies and also destroy cameras. She makes less noise when she moves and with the extended range of her taser, she can destroy almost all cameras and sneaks more discreetly between defenders.

Her drone can also help Thatcher to destroy Bandit’s electrical devices, Mute jammers and can even disable Kapkan charges, Jäger nets and Ela mines or open Mira mirrors. Twitch is really great and effective in terms of neutralization and intelligence as well as supporting her teammates remotely.


Montagne is the French big guy of GIGN. He is also the most protected of the three operators equipped with shields (Blitz and Fuze being the other two). His unique ability is the “Extendable Shield” that provides complete protection (even for C-4) while standing, leaving only his back vulnerable. He is equipped with a single handgun (automatic pistol or revolver) with relatively limited ammunition. With his huge shield, Montagne is the ideal operator to protect his teammates, who can hide behind him to kill enemies in a comfortable position.

Despite his slowness and the bustle he makes when he moves, Montagne is an exceptional scout. With his foolproof protection, he is the ideal operator to invest the enemy strongholds and indicate to his teammates the position of the defenders. Montagne is too slow to use flash grenades efficiently, but he is protected enough to actually need a smoke grenade. This operator is really a moving tank!


If some operators have sniper rifles in R6 Siege, Glaz remains the best sniper in the game. The power of his Dragunov has no equivalent in R6. This operator, who is a back-line marksman, is to be used at long range combat because of his ability to turn his main weapon into a real sniper. His unique ability is the “HDS Flipsight”: it is a magnifying scope that allows him to see the targets at long distance, even through smoke. In addition, Glaz is very handy when it comes to providing cover fire to his teammates from a distance.

In addition to the magnification of the aim, which is higher than the ACOG, the scope of his marksman rifle shows the silhouette of the operators in fluorescent yellow. Glaz is a very powerful sniper and the bullets of his OTs-03 can cross the barricades of Castle. It is really useless to try to hide from Glaz. His smoke grenades are very practical since they obstruct the view of all the enemies except his. Glaz is an excellent Marksman; however, his distant position, unfortunately, obliges him too often to rush the target in the last moments, making him an almost easy target for well-placed defenders. So be careful!


Fuze is one of the two Russian attackers of SPETSNAZ, and one of the most mission-oriented operators, thanks to his unique gadget APM-6, cluster charges, which can be attached to breakable walls, barricaded doors and windows (and even to Castle barricades), as well as wooden floors, it sends up to three bursts of five sub-grenades into the room on the other side of the wall and they can deal deadly damage to the enemies within the explosion radius. Note that with the update 5.2; the trajectory of his grenades was changed, making it much less effective than before.
Fuze is a good agent to attack in the front lines. Despite his weight, he can rush faster towards the target.

In addition, He has a powerful and stable assault rifle. Fuze is the only operator who can choose to equip himself or not with a shield. In this configuration, he then abandons the assault rifle and the heavy machine gun for a single handgun, just like his Blitz and Montagne. However, you should pay attention, when you play Fuze in Hostage mode, It is strongly recommended to take into account the position of the hostages and of your allies before triggering the charges, to avoid losing the round and keep away from team kill. And by the way, Fuze sub-grenades are not just for killing, they are also particularly effective for destroying Mute jammers, Frost’s Welcome Mats, Bandit’s electrical devices and other traps scattered around the map.


Blitz is one of two attackers of the German GSG9 and one of the three operators of the game to have a shield. However, he not as slow as them, he is a fast operator. He can even run with his shield raised in front of him, to protect him from bullets during his sprint. The system mounted on his shield allows him to temporarily blind opponent defenders exactly like a flashbang. Usable 4 times it allows him to blind almost the entire opposing team. So you know what to do when you play Blitz, take full advantage of his ballistic Flash shield, flash your opponent and let him empty his charger in the wind then finish him quietly with your P12 Revolver. Amazing!

Unlike Montagne, the Shield of Blitz does not cover him entirely; however, this operator is still very effective on the first lines of attack with Thermite or Sledge. Beware; Blitz is much more vulnerable to C-4 than Montagne; due to the absence of lateral protection, so you should know by now that he is not made to protect his teammates. Remember that once you run out of ammo, you only have the melee blows of your shield. So shoot wisely! And don’t forget that both the odds and your incredible shield are with you!


Despite her special ability being a little underrated compared to other attackers, IQ is a cute blonde with beautiful blue eyes, she is a great operator because of her remarkable speed and the arsenal she has. IQ has an AUG A2, the outstanding 552 Commando (one of the best rifles in the game) and finally a heavy machine gun, the G8A1. The three options offer high fire rates with more or less long-range accuracy. Concerning the handgun, she has the P12 pistol just like Blitz, which she equips it automatically when she uses her unique ability, the gadget «Red MKIII “Spectre” Electronics Detector”. The latter allows her to detect all electronic gadgets and equipment through walls, floors and ceilings. (Within its range, of course).

With her unique gadget, IQ is very useful when it comes to flushing out many traps of defenders: Kapkan explosives, Ela mines or Lesion poisons. She can also detect Mute jammers and Bandit electrical devices. Finally, her Spectre can also detect the C-4s, the cams and especially the BlackEye of Valkyrie, Pulse’s heart sensor when he uses it and, above all, the Yokai of Echo, which can prove a real pain in the neck for the attackers. IQ is an underutilized operator today, especially at the Gold and below levels, but if you really master her, she can do wonders!


Arrived with the very first DLC, released on February 2, 2016, Buck is the only attacker able to alternate long and short-range combat on the same weapon. Armed with a sniper rifle or an assault rifle to hit the targets from a distance, he can, in no time, alternate between his classic assault rifle and his piercing shotgun; and this is his unique gadget: the Passe-partout (SK 4-12), a 12-gauge shotgun mounted under his weapon, enabling him to quickly shift from long-range shots to close combat, changing the position of his hands on his assault rifle.

In addition, his “Passe-partout” is also very useful for destroying unreinforced walls, doors and windows, whether to open lines of fire or to create a breach to rush into a room. Know that his frag grenades can explode the barricades of Castle, doors and windows. The Canadian operator prefers more simple mechanical devices than the high-tech arsenal used by other Agents, maybe that’s where his weakness lies; it is the lack of a real ability, as his “Passe-partout” became gradually obsolete due to the addition of new operators armed with machine-guns, or mini-shotguns as a sidearm just like Mira and Jackal. However, after all, Buck is very handy for playing under or above the objective, especially if the floor is wood, to put pressure on campers!


Blackbeard is an assailant arrived with Dust Line; the second DLC released May 9, 2016. Despite his hipster look, he is a powerful NAVY SEAL, thanks to his Transparent Armored

Rifle-Shield, the TARS Mk 0, which represents his unique gadget, making him a real pain in the neck for defenders, especially when it comes to protecting windows. Largely overpowered at the beginning, the resistance bar of his shield has decreased throughout the updates, from 800HP to 150, then to 60 and even 50 today. In return, he has two shields today; they protect his head from some bullets and he can also check their HP and switch them out by choice or if one of them is damaged.

With his TARS Mk 0, Blackbeard increases his protection while moving without reducing his field of vision. His two shields also protect him from melee attacks, firearms and even blunt impact. His assault rifle also deals a lot of damage, but it quickly falls short of ammunition. When you play Blackbeard, you should pay attention to your shield, which is large enough to allow a defender to spot your presence and therefore anticipate close combat. This operator is equipped with the Desert Eagle, which is probably the most devastating handgun in the game, however, its considerable recoil makes it hard to handle. You should also bear in mind that once the shield is mounted, Blackbeard moves a little slower. The Navy Seal operator is really very effective, especially when you master him, and with his two shields, he is not that easy to kill!


Arrived with Skull Rain, the third DLC released August 2, 2016; Capitão is a very effective attacker when it comes to dislodging the campers. His unique skill TAC MK0 Tactical Crossbow has two types of ammunition: the first one is the micro smoke grenades, little discreet but very practical to enter a building or cross a corridor without being noticed or shot down. As for the second one, the asphyxiating bolts, they burn oxygen in a specified area, creating a cloud of flames on impact, which are not necessarily fatal for operators with full HP, but much more deadly for those whose life gauge is already critical or those on the ground. Above all, they force the opponents to leave their position, making them prime targets when ambushed. The TAC MK0 Tactical Crossbow enables Capitão to deliver quick and silent assaults without alerting your foes of your position.

His assault rifle is the PARA-308, with a 30 round magazine with a medium fire rate, it deals great damage, but it has high recoil; it is useful for long and medium-range combat. The operator is also armed with a light machine gun the M249, which can come in handy for ruthless cover fire. When associated with Glaz, Capitão can smoke a room to create shooting solutions for him. Vicente “Capitão” Souza is a great operator and he got many fans, even though since the Burnt Horizon update, the flame damage of his unique gadget has been reduced from 19 to 12 per hit.


Hibana is a Japanese attacking operator capable of creating breaches in reinforced walls using her unique gadget, the X-Kairos (40mm Caliber Launcher) firing three rounds of six exothermic mini-charges. The X-Kairos allows her to not only create lines of sight by piercing the walls, but it can also create entry points, either by firing on the ground to enter by crawling or by joining two or three bursts vertically (2 allow to enter by crouching and 3 to enter while standing). This unique gadget can also destroy a door or window, including Castle barricades, as well as hatches.

Hibana has an assault rifle and a shotgun as main weapons, and a submachine gun as a secondary. Her assault rifle, Type-89, has a very good fire rate, medium damage and recoil and only 20 bullets in the magazine. Her shotgun, SuperNova, is able to destroy a wall in one go, Just like the skeleton key of Buck. As for her submachine gun, bearing-9, it deals little damage and recoil as well as great fire rate, perfect for headshots. Don’t forget to use Hibana mobility to make holes on opposite walls. Her X-Kairos is also effective against the mirror of Mira. However, you should beware of Mute’s Signal Disruptors and Bandit’s Shock Wire, which can counter the pellets of X-KAIROS. In short, various qualities together with a hellish and tough look quickly made Hibana, one of the most distinguished and balanced operators in R6 Siege.


The first attacker who appeared in the second year of Rainbow Six Siege, Jackal, the Spanish operator, is able to track and hunt enemies. Thanks to his unique gadget Eyenox Model III, he can analyze footprints, going from green for older footmarks to red for the most recent ones, to determine the position of the defender to whom they belong. This makes him more of a quick tracker than an attacker in terms of defending his teammates against roaming opponents seeking to get around them, rather than eliminate the target. This is because once the footprints are analyzed; the enemy is located for the entire team.

Jackal may be the optimal anti-roamer, but he is unable to hunt Caveira when she uses her silent step ability. Also, note that his sight is blurred when he is hit, or when he is near Mute jammer, pushing him to remove his visor. The color code of Jackal’s special ability tells you the passage time of the owner of the traces, so it is easy to guess when an opponent is hiding nearby. In this case, it is better to surprise him than to warn him that he is being hunted down. Or you can just identify him to force him to relocate then shoot him when he is trying to escape. Concerning the weapons, Jackal is armed with an assault rifle C7E and a submachine gun PDW9, which are both great and offer impressive firepower. As for the shotgun ITA12L, it seems unwise to use it since Jackal is exceptionally equipped with a small pump shotgun ITA12S with an excellent fire rate, suitable for close range. Even though many players find his special ability somehow complicated, Jackal is a remarkable attacking operator, this is thanks to his utility in Intel gathering and in disrupting the enemies in a way that forces them to retreat or become exposed. And so anyone who can track and hunt down the opponents can make it easy for his team to win, and this is the skill of Jackal!


Ying is the Chinese attacker who arrived with Operation Blood Orchid, based in Hong Kong. As a unique gadget, she has three charges of the Candela Device, which are mercury and magnesium explosives that trigger a multitude of blinding flashes. The candelas can be placed on unreinforced walls, hatches, wooden floors or on barricaded doors and windows. They can also be simply launched like a grenade, and explode as soon as they come into contact with the ground. Ying’s flashes are much more powerful than normal flashes. With her ultra-versatile gadget, she can really make a difference in “breach & clear” situations.

In addition, Ying is immune to her own blinding flashes of the Candela Device; however, this is not the case with her allies. However, the Chinese operator is not immune to other flash grenades as well as Blitz’s shield. With her wall charges, Ying is an excellent operator to destroy the doors barricaded by Castle. Indeed, by rolling a candela under the door before, the defenders will be blinded and cannot shoot her, leaving you plenty of time to put plant your charge. Be careful though, her candelas can be intercepted by Jäger’s magpie or destroyed by gunfire before activation, so use them optimally. As for her weapons, the best one is the T-95 LSW light machine gun, which has a 80-round magazine, relative stability, high recoil and slow fire rate, suitable for mid-range combat. With this powerful LMG and her unique gadget, Ying can blind the defenders in a room and enjoy wiping them out easily!


Zofia is the eldest daughter of the Bosak family, sister of the defense operator Ela and member of the Polish GROM. She is a strong attack operator with her unique gadget, KS79 Lifeline, a double-barrel launcher that can fire both impact and concussion ammunition.

This is just a part of the story; Zofia is really amazing with her unique ability “Withstand “that makes her able to revive herself alone when she is downed, but with only 5% HP. Armed, by choice, with a powerful assault rifle M762 or a light machine gun LMG-E with a 150-round magazine, makes her an effective operator in mid-range engagements. Note that, like her sister, she also has a 9mm handgun RG15, on which is mounted a red dot reflex sight.

Her veteran status also allows her to better protect herself from bleeding. Note also that her grenade launcher does not need to be reloaded between each shot, which allows better and more kills. In addition, her concussion grenades can bounce off the walls, which can be very handy for destabilizing enemies stuck in the corners. Please don’t forget that when you play Zofia and use her unique ability of self-recovering, this will leave you open to enemy attacks, so be cautious! Zofia is one of the ideal attackers in R6 Siege, she can cause visual and mobility disruption with her unique gadget and she is also able to revive herself! What else do you need to rule the game!


Dokkaebi is a South Korean attacker, and one of the most original operators of the roster. Dokkaebi is a great hacker. She has as a unique gadget, the Logic Bomb, which is a tablet to control her drone; it can also enable her to make the phones of all enemies vibrate at the same time causing them to buzz, twice per round.

They are then forced to take their devices in hand for 4 seconds to stop them, making them spotted and vulnerable to attacks. In addition, during the game, when a defender falls in combat drops their phone on the ground; she can hack them, to take control of the cameras, including Valkyrie’s Black Eyes or Maestro’s Evil Eyes.

Dokkaebi is really a cunning operator; her ability to cause the phones to ring can be very disturbing for defenders, especially when they are focusing on the objective in the last moments or when they are trying to take the attackers from behind. It is therefore useless to use her unique gadget from the start. However, it is obligatory that Dokkaebi stay alive as long as possible because losing such a skill from the beginning is a great loss for the whole team. Coupled with Lion drone, she is able to immobilize the opponents for ten seconds, but it is not advised to use their gadgets simultaneously. Dokkaebi has a key role during the game, so she must not be in the front line, but rather stay in the rear guard armed with her effective sniper rifle Mk 14 EBR. She can also be used as anti-roamers, equipped with her powerful shotgun BOSG.12.2. And don’t forget to use her smoke grenade to obscure the vision of the enemies when you use her Logic Bomb.

Dokkaebi is very clever, but you just need to pay attention to the operators who can counter her unique gadget, just like Echo, who is immune to her tablet, Vigil, who can disappear from the video signal of the hacked cameras, or Mute with his signal disruptor, enabling him to protect the defenders near him. Just play it smart!


Lion is a French attacker of GIGN introduced with the operation Chimera together with Finka. He belongs to the category of “global”, a new class of R6 operators whose powers have an effect on the entire map and the players therein. Lion is an operator whose specialty is recognition. The EE-One-D, his unique gadget, is an aerial drone giving an overview on the map and allows him to detect moving targets and hot zones. When triggered, a countdown of three seconds appears on the enemies screens, if they are moving when the drone scans the area, they appear highlighted on your screen and that of your allies. However, opponents can stop to disappear from the radar screens and are even warned three seconds before the initiation of this ability.

Lion shares the SG-CQB shotgun of his GiGN comrades, as well as Twitch’s 417 marksman rifle; both are great weapons in their respective classes. Like Finka, however, he has a very good assault rifle, the V308, which is exclusive to him. At first sight unimportant because it is easily countered, the ability of Lion turns out to be very useful, especially as an anti-roaming technique, here is how; just activate your skill and shoot through the walls behind which you think an enemy might hide in order to either oblige him to move and thus spot him with the drone, facilitating subsequent fire to kill him. In the front line, Lion can eliminate the roaming enemies easily with this trick! Again, you should beware of Mute’s Signal Disruptors, which can interrupt the EE-ONE-D ability and protect anyone who is near him. In addition, you can’t even activate your unique gadget when you are in the range of his signal disruptors.

As we said earlier, when combined with Dokkaebi Logic Bomb, he can immobilize the opponents for ten seconds. Being effective against moving agents, Lion’s unbreakable drone is very effective when coupled with an operator like Fuze, Jackal or Twitch, who forces the defenders to move. Thus, the noteworthy role of Lion lies in his capacity to coordinate with his teammates!


Finka is a Russian attacker of Spetsnaz introduced with Operation Chimera along with Lion. She too belongs to the category of “global”. Finka is like the Doc of the attackers. Using her unique gadget the Adrenal Surge, she inoculates nanobots into her blood and those of her teammates before going on a mission, then triggers them remotely, giving a heart boost for 10 seconds. This provides a temporary 20 HP boost, a speed improvement, reduces recoil by 25%, and speeds up the reloading of weapons by 15%. The activation of the adrenaline boost also revives the downed teammates with 5 HP. In addition, Finka is the only operator, who is able to customize the nanites to specific operators.

As for her arsenal, Finka has the SASG-12 shotgun of Russian defenders, Tachanka and Kapkan, as well as Fuze’s LMG 6P41, effective form short and medium range. Both are not a match for her SPEAR .308 which offers superb power and accuracy. Finka is a support operator, whose effectiveness depends heavily on the propensity of her teammates. Thus, in a team of unknown players, the efficiency of this ability remains very uncertain and generally, it will only serve her personal interests.

Like many support operators, it’s best for Finka to stay in the rearguard in order to survive as long as possible, as it’s often at the end that she’s needed most. Finka Nanobot Shots are great and the boost that she gives to the whole team can turn the game around and ensure victory, however, when you play Finka, there are certain operators who can counter your ability such as Pulse Cardiac Sensor, which can detect the attackers, who are boosted by your unique ability from a further distance than usual.

Lesion and Echo are also able to undo the effects and Smoke’s toxic cloud deals more damage to operators under the influence of Finka’s power. Finka has an impressive ability; however, you just need to know when, where and on whom to use it!


The American operator, Maverick is an attacker of GSUTR who appeared in the Operation Grim Sky. With his unique gadget Exothermic-S “SURI” Torch, he is able to pierce the reinforced walls, the hatches or even Castle barricades. However, this agent takes a long time to create an opening wide enough to sneak into another room; he is therefore confined to the creation of small holes, lines of sight or fire rather than large breaches to invade the rooms. In addition, he must be in close range to use his ability on surfaces optimally. His special gadget is great and also silent, but it runs out of fuel quickly. Maverick has two assault rifles, the M4 and the AR-15.50, although the latter is considered more like a sniper rifle and it deals impressive damage.

The breaching blowtorch of Maverick has five refills each lasting five seconds. This operator is not able to use his weapons when equipped with his torch, so always make sure to cover your back by placing your Claymore wisely. Also, do not stand in front of the hole you just made, stay undercover and take quick glances to avoid taking a shot in the head. When associated with IQ, he can easily destroy Bandit’s electrical devices and Mute jammers, leaving the field free to Thermite or Hibana to create a breach. You can also try this trick when you play Maverick: creating a hole on the ground and placing a Claymore can be an effective trap.

You should also bear in mind that you need to stand in a single position without moving in order to create a full hole correctly. In addition, you should pay attention to Kaid’s Electroclaws, which are able to affect reinforced walls and hatches near him, thus making it difficult for Maverick to use his unique gadget. Her effectiveness in creating holes enables operators like Glaz can benefit from Maverick skill. So choose your team accordingly!


Nomad is a Moroccan attacker, part of the Royal Gendarmerie Intervention Group, who appeared Operation Wind Bastion. With 2 points for both speed and armor ratings, she is a versatile R6 operator. Nomad is the first attacker of Rainbow Six Siege to be able to set traps thanks to her unique gadget the Airjab Launcher.

Her Airjab can be fired directly at enemies to propel them or fired in the form of mines on surfaces. In addition, Nomad Airjabs can push opponents through destructible walls or send them outside the building. Her four repulsion grenades are not lethal and only disorient the opponent. At the weaponry level, you can choose between two assault rifles, AK74M or ARX20, both are effective, but the first is better due to his large magazine.
When you play Nomad, use her Airjab to benefit from a great alarm system to protect your back or block some spots known to be nested for campers. However, the opponents get up really quickly when hit by your repulsion grenade, so it is recommended to kill them while they are on the ground before they retaliate. Do not forget that you will not be able to recover an already launched Airjab, so plan your shots wisely. Nomad is the optimal counter for Clash.

Her Airjab grenades can put him on the ground, which leaves plenty of time to kill him before he can continue to use his defensive shield. The Airjab grenades of Nomad require a little activation time, so it is better to avoid using them as an offensive gadget in direct combat. With the Y4S1.3 update, defenders can be alerted when Airjabs are near them because they emit a beeping sound when deployed. Beware of Jäger’s Magpies, which can take out your repulsion grenades. The Airjabs are also vulnerable to any object electrified by Bandit or Kaid. Moreover, the operators within Tachanka’s Turret are protected from Nomad Airjabs. The Moroccan attacker is impressive, especially when you get used to her ability. By throwing an enemy in the air with her Airjabs, the latter can destroy the Barricades, Castle Armor Panels, and Deployable Shields. Make great use of this capacity!


Gridlock is an Australian attacker and part of the Special Air Service Regiment. As a heavy and robust character, she has 3 points armor and 1 speed. Gridlock is the second Rainbow Six Siege assailant, who is able to set traps, after Nomad. Her unique gadget, the Trax Stingers, originally designed to block vehicles during chases, are thrown and deployable gadget that unfolds and spread the hexagonal cluster of spikes to damage and slows down the enemies who traverse them.

This barbed mat occupies a large space, enabling her to cover her back and force the defender to make noise if he tries to pass. Thus, the Trax Stingers are an optimal area control tool. As for equipment, Gridlock has the M249 SAW light machine gun, which is endowed with high ammo capacity and a good fire rate, suitable for medium range. If you fancy assault rifles, the F90 is your best choice. For closer engagements, opt for Super Shorty, a shotgun with a low capacity magazine, but it is very effective to open the floors and the walls.

Thanks to her unique gadget, that she can use 3 times, Gridlock is able to cover the backs of the whole team by deploying her spikes like an obstacle in a hallway or at stair landings taking all the available space in order to force the opponent to make noise if he still wants to go through there. Gridlock is also useful when it comes to dislodging the campers by sending her Trax Stingers in their hideouts. You should know that her special device can be destroyed by gunfire, impacts or thermal damage. Until now there is no operator in R6 who can counter or stop Gridlock from deploying her gadget, however, we do not know what will happen to her ability in the coming updates.


Nøkk is the attacker of Operation Phantom Sight on R6. Everything about Nøkk is a mystery, all we know is that she is part of the JAEGER CORPS and she is the equivalent, in attack, of a mix between Caveira and Vigil, blending both the silent step of the Brazilian operator with the invisibility of Vigil. Equipped with her unique gadget, Hel Presence Reduction, as a glove, she is able to reduce her noise and hide her image from the enemy observation tools.

With 2 points for both speed and armor, she is quite versatile and fits perfectly in the role of roamers hunter, especially with her impressive stealth technology. As for her arsenal, Nøkk has the submachine gun FMG-9, which has moderate recoil, high fire rate and it is suitable for close and mid-range combat. She also has the SIX12 SD shotgun. Her handguns include the 5.7 USG FBI pistol or the Desert Eagle of Seals. There is no novelty at her equipment level, but still, she has quite effective weapons, especially when combined with the power of the HEL glove.

Thanks to her ultimate stealth ability, Nøkk is difficult to deal with; she is like a nightmare for defenders and roamers. However, hiding from a camera is not always a good idea, especially since they can be quickly broken. Despite that, she is an incredible operator! Drones, Bulletproof Cameras, Evil Eyes… are not able to detect the presence of Nøkk, she can roam freely on the map, infiltrate the opponents’ strongholds easily and she can do whatever she wants silently, you can’t even notice her when she is behind you! A real ghost who forces her enemies to always watch their backs! Just don’t forget that the unique gadget of the Danish secret agent has a limited window of use and must be recharged by a cooldown of 6 seconds maximum. Please note that the Hel device has unlimited use and its duration when activated is 12 seconds.

When she sprints, she fires her weapons, takes damage, or traverses the barbed wire, she becomes visible to the cameras. So be careful! You should also keep in mind, that when the environmental debris trample, they can reveal Nøkk’s location. With all these limitations in her unique ability, Nøkk can still be considered as the deadly weapon of R6 Siege.


Amaru is the Peruvian attacker of season 3, appeared on the Operation Ember Rise. There is something new about this operator, which is her unique gadget, the Garra Hook, which brings a brand new moving mechanism in Rainbow Six: Siege. She has the ability to cross the map by projecting through any unblocked window or by grabbing any edge… she can also climb on the roofs or from one floor to another through the open hatches.

With her device, Amaru can grab ledges and windows to climb high on a rapid time scale. When Amaru is on the team, the enemies will be worrying about attacks from both above and below. The Peruvian operator is very efficient when it comes to surprising the enemy. In addition, she is the only one able to go up an open trapdoor instead of falling down! If you plan it right, attaching the Garra into a window at the optimal time will trigger the powerful Garra Kick, which immediately knocks out an opponent standing behind the window.

Equipment side, Amaru can choose between IQ machine gun the G8A1, which is good for short and mid-range or the shotgun Supernova, with its extra ammunition capacity and moderate recoil. As a secondary weapon, she can opt for the SMG-11 of SAS, with its high rate of fire. Even though the Garra Hook enables Amaru to surprise the enemy using the traps from below, defenders who are aware of this trick may think twice before opening a hatch. If Castle is used by the opposing team, it will be necessary to think of being accompanied by Ash or Zofia in order to be able to quickly make a breach allowing Amaru to use the hook. Because, when she is alone, she can’t use her gadget to target the windows that are reinforced with Castle’s Armor Panels.

Keep in mind that the Garra Hook has a minimum and a limited range and it can be used 4 times with an 8-second cooldown. In addition, when Amaru uses her ability, she can’t utilize her weapons, making her vulnerable to enemies, who are close to the windows that she grabs. She is also powerless against certain traps like Kapkan’s EDDs and Frost’s Welcome Mat. Finally, despite the limitations of her unique gadget, Amaru has her own way of doing things and that’s amazing!

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