How to get better at Rainbow Six Siege

Since its release, Rainbow Six: Siege continues to stir curiosity. Having already engaged more than 45 million of players from the four corners of the world, this popular game is still difficult to handle for many players. If you are one of them and you want to get better at it, then this is the place to be!

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So you want to get better at Rainbow Six Siege and become a pro? Are you new to this game and you want to get the hang of it or you are just tired of losing repeatedly and you are seeking improvement? It is okay, we got you covered! Here are 11 useful tips and tactics to follow in order to become a pro player at R6 Siege.

1. The first bases

The choice of material is a real advantage; it is something you can’t neglect!

A good mouse will allow you better shooting and better control of your aim. A good keyboard will also enable you to better control your movements during the game.

In addition, a large screen will allow you to see the enemies in larger and have a better view on the map. Let’s not forget the headset, which is very useful for hearing the enemies; it enables you to locate them thanks to the sound of their displacements.

Choosing the optimal material for your game is the first step towards becoming a better player at Rainbow Six Siege. So don’t hesitate to invest more in your gaming material.

2. Warm up before getting started

Before starting a multiplayer game, warm up in Terrorist Hunt mode – a PVE game mode where you encounter AI enemies. It’s a good way to train by targeting fixed and moving targets. And you can complete daily and weekly challenges to gain more renown in this mode, which will enable you to buy new operators, accessories parts for weapons and more. Every Pro player was once a “NOOB” so it is normal to upgrade your gaming skills step by step.

Without warmup, you will end up like me, destroying stuff!

3. Go for custom games

A big part of the success of your shots in first-person games is knowledge of the maps and Rainbow Six Siege is no exception. The best way to understand a map is to create a custom game locally.

This allows you and your friends to explore the map and try different strategies without being disturbed by other players. You can play casual games and watch your opponents’ kill cam to get acquainted with maps and camp locations. It is also an opportunity to train, test and refine your skills.

4. Pay attention to campers

Nothing is worse than being killed at the beginning of a round because of an enemy stealthily hidden in your spawning area.

The best way to counter this is to place a drone during the preparation phase at the locations of spawning. If you spot a defender near you, call your teammates, so you can counter it at the beginning of the round. But even if there are no defenders, try shooting a few bullets in the barricaded doors and windows at the beginning of the game.

You should always identify your enemies with drones and watch your steps when Pulse is on the other side.

A great Rainbow Six Siege player is someone who is always careful, watchful and has the ability to assess all the risks that could happen during the game.

5. Look under the barricades

Before going through a door, look under the barricade to see if any enemies are behind. When you enter a room, take a quick look at the corners, and sometimes it’s better to pre-shoot, which gives you an advantage over the camper.

6. Exploit the sounds of the game

The sound works a little differently in Rainbow Six Siege compared to most other first-person games. Identifying sounds is the key to survival. In R6 Siege, you can really hear how close an opponent is by the sound of his footsteps, what kind of ground moves, and whether they run, crouch or lying prone. Whether you play as an attacker or defender, it is essential to keep this in mind as you move on the map. If you can exploit the sounds of the game, your enemies can do it too. Thus, you must play with a great headset to rule the game.

7. Vary your strategies

R6 Siege offers three game modes and 20 maps with day and night versions. You will have to consider each new variant to plan your approaches in attack or in defense. For example, it will be pointless to choose a character like Fuse during an assault on the Hostage mode, so you better opt for fast attackers like Ash, and focus on assaults with flash and smoke grenades and accurate weapons.

An important thing to do is to memorize the operators your opponents took, this will allow you to adapt your strategy to the next rounds. Defenders set traps everywhere? It‘s okay, use Twitch and his drone or Thatcher and his IEM grenades.

8. Good communication is effective

Good oral communication of information is often a sign of victory. It’s simple, communicating with your team gives you an advantage to your teammates to prepare them for a “face to face”. When you die during the game, try to speak only to give some brief information. A permanent hubbub can annoy your remaining allies and annoyance is the number one enemy of victory. In addition, when you communicate, give your opponents as little clues as possible because thus can expose you or your teammates.

9. You should have eyes everywhere

Once the objective is spotted, stay outside. Spread your drones around the target, count the enemies and spot if people are coming out of the room to attack. Locate the enemies who are hiding. Hide the drones on the ceiling. Generally, players have little tendency to raise their heads to check if a drone is above them. Climb on the furniture to place your drones at the top of the cupboards, or even at the ceiling on the ventilation pipes. Having a full view on the map is having full control over the enemies.

10. Master all the operators

Every operator in R6 Siege has unique abilities and skill. The attackers and defenders both have strengths and weaknesses. If you know each one by heart, you will be polyvalent, and thus unbeatable.

11. Did you know?

You can return grenades with the G key. This is not indicated anywhere, but grenades can be returned when the indicator is red. So, take full advantage of this!

Rainbow Six Siege is like a chess game, if you are smart, you can win! Vary your strategies, improve your team play and follow the tips above. In short, practice over and over until you unleash your pro self. And of course, stay up to date with our news and tricks.

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