Call Of Duty: Mobile Gameplay, Maps & Why PUBG players must try it

After several months of beta, Call of Duty Mobile, developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision, is finally available to everyone on Android and IOS via Google Play Store and App Store or even an APK file (And it is also FREE). It’s finally time to join Ghost or Price in the most anticipated mobile FPS of the year. In this article, we will learn about the gameplay, the maps and why the players who have grown weary of PUBG must definitely try Call of Duty M.

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The gameplay

CoD Mobile is a first person shooter that includes the most popular elements of the Call of Duty franchise and places you in the heart of multiplayer battles in several game modes. Wherever you are, download the game on your Smartphone to enjoy smooth gameplay and great graphics together with many innovations.

Call of Duty M recalls all the iconic elements of the game, and meets the expectations of players in this mobile-friendly version. You can play with your friends in Beginner or Advanced mode, and you will also find the most popular multiplayer maps of the franchise.

The game allows, of course, the customization of inventory and equipment: choose your characters (the famous ones from the saga such as Price, Ghost and many others), your weapons, your gears, your outfits and even your “scorestreaks”. Play private matches in Clan mode or immerse yourself in ranked matches.

The game is free to play, offers free updates and it features three main modes including multiplayer, Battle Royale and Zombies

The multiplayer PVP matches consist of:

  • Normal
  • Ranked
  • Private

As for the multiplayer gameplay modes, there are 5:

  • Frontline: after spawning in your team zone, go and kill your opponents
  • Hardpoint: earn points by capturing the hill which rotates location regularly
  • Domination: capture the flags to earn points for your squad
  • Team Deathmatch: just defeat the players of the opposing team
  • Free-For-All: each player is on his own,

Note that the first four modes are all team-based and supports 10 per match (5vs5), while the last one supports 8 players per lobby.

In addition, just like Fortnite and PUBG, COD Mobile also offers a Battle Royale mode that supports up to 100 players on the same map and a premium game pass to evolve more quickly. In the BR mode of COD M, solo, duos and 4 player teams are available.

Please note that, the BR mode of Call of Duty M will be unlocked after you reach level 7.

The maps

When it comes to maps, Call of Duty Mobile enables you to experience the sensations and the atmosphere of the game best episodes and it has brought together the greatest selection of the franchise maps including:

  • Crash and Killhouse (both available in Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered)
  • Crossfire ( from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered)
  • Nuketown and Hijacked ( from Call Of Duty Black Ops)
  • Raid (Rediscover this multiplayer map available in Black Ops II and Blackout)
  • Other popular maps like: Standoff, Firing Range and Takeoff

The Smartphone COD is here and it is getting great reviews from the first day of its official release. The game is worth playing, especially for those who are getting bored of PUBG and other titles.

Why PUBG players must try COD Mobile?

Despite being similar to PUBG especially in the battle royale mode, Call of Duty Mobile is set to become the game of the year because of the many game modes that it offers, ranked and unranked matches as well as the classic COD-style missions that enables you relive the experience of other PC episodes. In addition, COD Mobile offers you the chance to dive in its iconic maps, play with your preferred characters and weapons…

The biggest difference between the two games is that COD Mobile has better graphics, excellent quality textures and improved visual effects, let alone the details of the player’s clothes, which seems similar to the PC versions. And of course, the classic COD-style military theme is what beats PUBG survival-based gameplay. So it is time to make up your mind and give it a try.

Finally, we remind you that Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on Android from version 4.3 and on iOS from iOS 9. It is functional starting from the iPhone 5S. You can also download its APK file from APKMirror. The title supports external controllers on both platforms. In addition, you should know that the game is free to play, however, it has in-app purchases of COD points for weapons and skins, but you can also earn them by playing, so you can power up freely but slowly. Enjoy the game and stay in touch with us for more information and news about Call of Duty: Mobile.

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