Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Review

In this article, we have tried to cover almost everything about the indie game “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare”. During its extended stay in the Steam Early Access program, this game, which is developed and edited by KK Game Studio, has attracted many fans. Now that the game is released on 4 October 2019, here’s Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Review.

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Review

A new type of FPS combined with strategy and RPG elements

Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Review

If you love Mount and Blade, then imagine a modern and realistic FPS, with elements of strategy, which takes up the sandbox gameplay and the RPG of Mount and Blade… well, this is possible thanks to Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare!

FGW is an original combination of a tactical FPS and a strategy game. Just like in Mount and Blade, we embody a character, here a commander, who seeks to raise money to build an army and engage the enemies on the ground.

From a strategic map, you can attack enemy territories to take control or defend those you already control. As in Mount and Blade, on the map, you can move as you wish and go to various places, trade, change your equipment or accept missions.

In Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, you will not fight with swords or bows, but rather with AK-47 or M4A1, in first-person, alongside your troops. Your men will be led by giving them orders through a tactical mode.

In this game, there are modern weapons that you expect to find in any military-themed shooter game nowadays, as well as various camouflage accessories, body armors, helmets and other gear. But instead of just collecting them for yourself, you use them to equip a whole team of mercenaries, which you will command in fierce battles to conquer the world. You will also have to fight for money, supplies, equipment and access to new mercenaries to enhance your faction’s power.

The game is available on Microsoft Windows, as we said earlier, the game blends the strategy part with RPG elements, which allows you to walk around a map and perform various actions, while the battle section invites you into a realistic combat simulation in which you lead your men playing in FPS mode. This world conquest game has one main and unique quest, which is domination; you start with nothing but a handgun and must develop your character as well your forces to control the cities and eliminate the enemy factions.

Let’s see what the Media says about Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

PC Gamer stated: “This is a neat looking FPS/strategy/ RPG hybrid, with several Steam reviewers drawing parallels between it and Mount & Blade.”
GameStar also said: “Freeman is like a mix of Mount & Blade and Total War with a shooter part like in Arma 3”
Normsportal mentioned: “The game combines the best of Mount & Blade and Arma in the guise of an open sandbox role-playing game”

The lack of 2 key elements in the game

All in all, the game is great and innovative; those who tried it have made positive reviews, however, there is an obvious lack of 2 important elements: helicopters and multiplayer co-op.


Helicopters were teased in a brief statement on one of the developers’ press releases. It would have added something completely exiting, but nothing has been officially mentioned about this subject.

Multiplayer mode

This one too was teased, but nothing is certain about it. At first, the developers were thinking about adding this feature and players were expecting it, but it might be that KK Game Studio members have changed their minds. It was never stated again!

To conclude our report on Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, we can say that the game is fun and challenging, it has brought something new to the world of gaming. Despite some lack of features, this indie game has a lot of potentials and it can offer much more in the near future. The KK Game Studio should just listen more to the feedbacks of the community and try to provide what they promised before so that we can fully celebrate this masterpiece.

The KK Game Studio is aware that they can do better and this is very clear in one of the most recent press release of the development team, in which they stated: “We are not going to stop, the completion of ‘FGW’ is just the begin of the next era.” So all we can do now is to enjoy the game, while we wait for improvements and updates.

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