Ash Rainbow Six Siege Guide

Introduction of the operator

Light and fast, Ash, a SWAT agent, who is particularly formidable thanks to her mobility. An assailant at heart, Elza Cohen is her real name and she is Israeli. She started her career with the IDF and she is now part of the FBI SWAT after an international law enforcement exchange program. Expert in demolition, Cohen invented the M120 Compact Rifle Entire Munition, an original weapon capable of firing explosives, particularly effective when it comes to smashing a door remotely. Ash is a great Rainbow Six operator, especially for new players.

Equipped with an excellent selection of weapons and gadgets and having awesome abilities, it is really a shame if we do not exploit Ash to achieve many victories with your team. Let’s discover the optimal way to play Ash Rainbow Six!

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Leverage her abilities

Ash Rainbox Six is characterized by her speed, so make sure to leverage her ability to reach your objective quickly, breach into the enemy compound and set up ambushes. The true power of this operator lies in the M120 CREM, which fires breaching rounds that are very effective against windows and doors barricades, the kevlar panels of Castle, but also against the unreinforced walls. However, this great grenade launcher has only two rounds, which they can be lost if you hit a non-drillable surface, so use it sparingly!

The perfect set of weapons and gadgets

Even after losing her ACOG Scope of the R4 assault rifle since the Burnt Horizon update, Ash still has great weapons. The G36C has remarkable recoil stability and is suitable for short-range, while the R4-C has an excellent fire rate and is perfect for long-range. As for handguns, you can choose one according to your preferences: the M45 Meusoc or the 5.7 USG.
The gadgets of Ash are amazing, the breaching charge and the stun grenade are very useful and they can come in handy in different situations: you can create a hole with your drilling rounds and throw your flash grenade through it to stun enemies or use your breaching charge when the M120 CREM is empty.

Tricks you can do with Ash

From behind, from above, from below: watch for any destructible wall and surprise the enemies. You can even attack enemies from below with the grenade launcher. Ash breaching ability is also very effective at dislodging a stealthy defender behind a deployable shield. Regardless of the game mode, both in attack and defense, a good team must be based on synergies between operators:
Ash and Glaz go very well together, Ash can destroy a wall while Glaz being behind her and ready to target the enemies inside before they have time to move or escape: checkmate!

Beware of Jäger and defensive traps

When you play Ash R6 Siege, you should always beware of The Magpie, which are Jäger’s gadgets that can shoot twice, thus intercept and stop your grenades before they detonate. In addition, the defensive operators of the enemies will always try to slow you down with different traps (Frost, Kapkan and Lesion), so be careful!

Ash’s badass look, velocity and speed combined with her grenade launcher make her one the best characters in Rainbow Six Siege especially for new players. When you play Ash with the optimal team behind you, you can certainly accomplish many conquests with your squad.

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