Mouse Sensitivity Converter

Mouse sensitivity converter lets you convert your in-game sensitivity to another game for FREE and with ease.

How to use Mouse Sensitivity Converter?

In order to use the software, you will have to first select the game that you want to convert the sensitivity from, type in the sensitivity you use in-game, then select the game to which you want to convert.

You can also use the DPI converter by typing the DPI you use in-game in the DPI converter field after the above action is fulfilled.

Please refresh the page if nothing is displaying on the screen after 10 seconds.

Accuracy of Mouse Sensitivity Converter

We update our sensitivity converter regularly after multiple testings to provide you with the most accurate variables.

We are always adding new games, both FPS and TPS, to our database. If you can’t find a game listed here, you can contact us and we would be glad to add that.

Mouse Sensitivity Converter Supported Games

Apex Legends

Fully Understand the precision (AIM)

Before embarking on any FPS it is important to understand what precision is (mouse accuracy).

In a game, each opponent is represented by a hitbox. This hitbox corresponds to a zone sensitive to enemy projectiles. So any impact in this area will be interpreted by the game and usually transformed into damage. From one game to another, from one character to another, the hitbox changes. It will be bigger for a big character, lower when the character is crouching or lying down…

Your accuracy in a game is your ability to hit that hitbox. Several parameters will then have an influence on your precision:
First, your reaction time (when you spot the enemy, decide to shoot him, start moving the mouse, etc.), your physical speed but also your positioning…

Then the weapon used. Each weapon has specific characteristics and apart from the amount of damage it can inflict, there are especially the characteristics of the projectile sent. A shotgun or a rocket launcher will be much less accurate than a sniper rifle. This can be due to the speed of the projectile, its size, its radius of action…
Finally, the material you use will also have an impact: mouse, mouse pad, screen etc…

Master these 3 techniques of aiming

Tracking: it consists of following with the viewfinder the moving target. You have to be able to do it while moving. The movement of the target can be predicted by map or situation. This technique will only work with instant impact weapons such as an assault rifle or a pistol. Do not expect to touch anything by tracking with a rocket launcher.

The Flick Shot: consists of making a quick movement of the viewfinder between the point where you were and the target. This technique requires a lot of dexterity because it will quickly move the cursor to the target to get on top before shooting.

The Strafe: This is not a question of moving the viewfinder, but to move the character to position the viewfinder on the target. The strafing displacement matches the left and right lateral displacement used in FPS, often associated with the Q and D keys.

Opt for good material

Have a sufficiently powerful PC: a powerful PC will allow you to get more images per second. So going from 30 to 60, 120 FPS and more will make your movements smoother and your accuracy increased.
A quality screen and preferably above 60Hz: if your config allows you to exceed 60 FPS while enjoying it with a screen with a refresh of 120 Hz or 144 Hz, you will feel a difference once again in terms of fluidity.

A good mouse: Take the time to choose your material according to your use and preferences. In general, for FPS games requiring great mouse accuracy, it is better to opt for a model neither too heavy nor too wide to maintain maximum agility.

You can also check our guide to the best gaming mice to improve your mouse accuracy.

A mouse pad: very effective in terms of ensuring a better glide and offering an ideal coating for the sensors. So invest in a quality mat (Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries…) made of fabric or a somewhat rigid surface.

Adjust the graphic details

Disable vertical synchronization: This setting can add a slight delay and reduce your FPS, so you can disable it. And also, you should set the graphics settings to Low, especially when your PC is not very powerful: If you are looking for pure performance in games, you should reduce the graphics quality to a minimum. This helps you avoid being disturbed by the special effects and other microelements which could be annoying.

Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse

The setting of your mouse will go through 2 separate settings:

The sensitivity of the mouse in modifiable DPI from the device software

The sensitivity of the mouse in games

The adjustment is personal and according to your preferences. However, depending on the game and type of character, sensibilities may be different. For example, a sniper player may not use the same sensitivity as a light infantry character.

Don’t rely too much on Aim Assist

It’s okay to play FPS games with the Aim Assist option on, but in order to improve your aim accuracy and precision, you should sometimes try shooting your enemies without assistance, it is the best way to train and ameliorate your aiming. Try it, it works!

Build good shooting habits

When you play an FPS for hours, your body will do so much effort, and during this period, you will learn hand-eye coordination and repeat several movements and actions, by time they can become good or bad habits that will be copied into your muscle memory.

So you should learn the good habits like for example, headshots, if you manage to master them through repetition, they will be stored in your muscle memory and this will help you to become more autonomous at aiming without having to consciously put an effort in order to precisely hit your targets. So, make sure to take full advantage of your muscle memory by developing good aiming habits.

Please note that the slightest change in your aiming will take 21 days to be transferred to your muscle memory. In addition, you should also bear in mind that your muscle memory can also store your bad aiming habits. The optimal way to use your muscle memory is right after you manage to improve your aiming and after mastering its techniques. Don’t reinforce the imperfection of an aiming which is already imperfect!

To conclude, the body is nothing without a good mind. Learn to stay focused, do not get upset and think about resting, because when your mind is tired, you can’t unleash your full potential. And always remember that practice is the key to success; practice over and over, ameliorate your mouse accuracy and you will improve your aiming and get a lot of frags easily.