The new Call Of Duty mode Ground War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare makes every effort to offer a completely new and different opus, and recently, on the occasion of the multiplayer presentation, we learned that the Ground War mode could bring together more than 100 players on the same map.

call of duty modern warfare Ground War

As you can see, with the 2019 version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the Infinity Ward teams will try a lot of new things and propose battles at different scales on small, medium and larger maps. And with the Ground War mode, they are aiming at offering the fans something innovative and amazing! Want to learn more about this new mode, well, this is the right place to be.

Ground War mode instead of Battle Royale

If we know that the new Modern Warfare will not offer a battle royale mode strictly speaking as was the case with CoD Black Ops 4, there will be however a new game mode called Ground War, which will bring together 64 players in the same map allowing battles on a massive scale (32vs32), which is enough to offer players and fans an unequaled gaming experience.

More about the Ground War

The Ground War mode will feature massive multiplayer battles on the Karst River Quarry map, where players can have access to a whole arsenal as well as vehicles, a bit like a Battlefield.

The famous Ground War mode, which is already present in previous opus of the license, is however very different; much bigger! As we said earlier, it is not a battle royale, but a large-scale Domination. The developers have even indicated that the number of players, which is 64, is just the beginning. In-house tests went to more than 100 players on the same map!

An overview on the map, the gameplay and the battles

The battles take place in a huge map right in the middle of downtown, amidst an urban background with buildings and a bank. There will be confrontations of infantry who fight fiercely in narrow areas and other strategic points of the map. The bank will serve as a great stronghold during the battles.

In addition, the map offers diverse and varied locations for all styles of play. Suitable locations for cover are ubiquitous in alleyways and between buildings, while large open-field roads are scenes of carnage due to the presence of vehicles and snipers that cover the place. Moving quickly and strategically is essential to successfully complete the battle. Ground War is a mode that mixes many mechanics. There is no fixed class like in some games. Each player takes with him all the equipment he needs.

To win the game in this play mode, teams must maintain areas of the map. In short, this is a domination mode with a total of five flags and with many more players. This new mode will also include killstreaks, but be careful, because vehicles will try to exterminate you while UAVs and helicopters will overrun the sky. In short, the Ground War mode will be explosive.

Let’s not forget that the release date of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is scheduled for October 25, 2019. Many players are waiting for the game and for the Ground War mode, which seems very promising. This new game mode will be a real innovation for the series and it will bring epic battles to its fans.

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