How To Get Better At Apex Legends – Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks

Since the release of Apex Legends on February 4, 2019, there has been a fierce race between players to become the best and improve at Apex Legends. There are already players who dominate the games and publish impressive statistics, which puts pressure on the less skilled players to try to get better. To master the game, you must first master the basics. Here is how to get better at apex legends thanks to this Apex Legends beginners guide tips and tricks.

How To Get Better At Apex Legends

What makes things even more complicated is that Apex Legends has complex and delicate nuances that have not been included in the previous titles of the battle royale. That’s why we offer Apex Legends beginners guide to players who are trying to get better at this amazing battle royale game. Although these tips are destined for beginners, there may be some things that even Pro players may not be aware of. To master the game, you must first master the basics. Here is how to get better at apex legends thanks to this Apex Legends beginners guide tips and tricks.

1) Choose your landing place carefully

As in any Apex Legends, your landing place will be decisive for the rest of the game. The choice must be made according to the style you want to play: risk-taking or security-wise. If you want to play it risky to get some frags and good equipment early in the game, you can land in areas close to the transport ship’s trajectory. But be careful: you have to start as soon as possible to get there before the opponents.

For even greater risk, it is also possible to land directly on the equipment ship. Dozens of players usually have the same idea as you, but there are ways to do a good mix right from the start. On the other hand, if you want to play it safe, it is better to go as far as possible from the ship and at the end of its trajectory. (The remaining number of players in the ship is indicated).

With Season 3, Apex Legends has left the old Kings Canyon map to take players to a brand new map the World’s Edge. In this new battle arena, you will discover places where fire and ice are intertwined. As you travel through the different areas of the World’s Edge, you will move from a warm to a cold region at any moment. And to get around the area quickly, you can get on a moving train that runs through the whole MAP.

According to the most loot available, Supply Bins and weapon drop locations, here are the 2 best spots to land on this map:

Refinery: a small location, suitable for a great start with 25 supply bins, it is quick to loot. This area is still not popular for many players, so you know where to land!

Drill Site: a small and quiet area with 15 supply bins, suitable for beginners and it is low in popularity, so don’t expect too much enemy here, build your loadout with your team here and go for hunting.

Your landing location is one of the most important apex legends tips season 3, especially with the addition of the new map World’s Edge.

2) Your position is essential

Positioning is an aspect that should not be neglected. You should always pay attention to your position on the map in relation to the containment area (the ring). If you enter a circle at the last minute, make sure you choose a place that is least likely to have players. Conversely, when you are in the containment area and it is shrinking, watch the horizon to see if a team is being pushed by the containment area.

The best way to do this is to keep in mind the path of the ship. But also make sure to look carefully during the airdrop where the opposing teams go. Anticipating your trajectory, knowing your position and assessing the risks, is a good way to improve at Apex Legends.

3) Run against the walls to climb, stop at the top of a wall to observe, go faster as you slide, jump further using the speed accumulated during the slides, use consumables when sliding…

In Apex Legends, it is possible to climb the walls as you would with obstacles placed in your path. To do this, nothing complicated, just run in the direction of the vertical surface of your choice and then hold the jump key to climb it.

In parallel to the first point, you can stay for a moment against the wall, without crossing it, in order to take the time to observe the surroundings before engaging. This will allow you to remain discreet, but also to take your bearings instead of rushing headlong without any Intel.
When you run, don’t hesitate to use the sliding mechanisms offered by the game to move faster, especially when you are on a downhill! Your movement speed will be at its maximum in these moments and you will save a few precious seconds.

In addition, when you slide on a surface and then jump, the distance between the starting point and the endpoint is increased. If you jump from one point to another without slipping, you are likely to fail to reach the second. Take advantage of the speed offered by your slides to jump further.
Another key element to know, which will surely be able to help you in case of a crisis, is that it is possible to use consumables when you are on the move, including during your slides. This will be the right opportunity to heal yourself or use a shield cell as the shrinking area catches up with you.
Make sure to use this Apex Legends beginners guide, as it really makes a difference during the game.

4) How to get better at apex legends on pc with the ping system

This is how to get better at apex legends on pc by mastering the ping system. It’s a team game, and you won’t win if you don’t work together with your allies. The Apex Legends ping system gives you the tools to work together, even if you don’t want to get into the mic, because using it wisely is really vital.

The middle mouse button is your basic ping, while the double-tap is an “enemy” ping displayed in red. Pings are amazingly context-sensitive and trigger tons of unique voice lines. Point at any object and point it to warn your teammates that you have found armor, ammunition or a new weapon. Hold the middle mouse button down to pull up a ping wheel with options like “looting this area” or “looking here” to tell your teammates what you are doing.

Here’s what to do: Open your inventory with Tab or “i”, and move the mouse over one of your weapons or their mounting slots. Then press ping to tell your team that you need light ammunition, or optics, or a mod barrel, etc. It also works on your armor, helmet, shock shield and backpack slots. Tell your team what you need and they can help you to arm yourself. Communication is one of the most optimal apex legends tips and tricks pc.

5) Start by looting the most important objects

When you land, always look for armor, helmet, weapon and ammunition, as all four are necessary to survive early game engagements. Because in this game you will be out of ammunition quickly, always stock up on more than you think you need, just in case. A great Apex player is one who can manage his ammo wisely.

6) What is the best weapon in Apex Legends?

The answer obviously depends a lot on your playing style. In addition, Respawn regularly adds new weapons and attachments to customize your arsenal. This is why this notion evolves over time. For example, in Season 3, a new weapon is added “the Charge Rifle”, it is an energy-based weapon that was manufactured by Vinson Dynamics. The notable changes that have been made to this Frontier War model show some effectiveness against enemies. This beam-focused long-range weapon is suitable for players who like to be snipers.

7) Play wise

The battles on Apex Legends last a long time. Rushing without thinking straight ahead is not a good thing to do, first because you have grenades and skills that allow you to hit opponents from afar, then because the game is played in teams of 3 and you risk finding yourself in 3 against 1.
Similarly, when your health is very critical, do not hesitate to hide if you can and take the opportunity to refill it, the same thing for your shield. Bangalore’s tactical ability (Smoke Launcher), in particular, allows you to buy enough time in order to heal yourself and go back to fight harder. Playing wise and knowing which legend is suitable for you, this is how to get better at apex legends.

Before you start, take advantage of the training mode to get used to the aim and movement. Pull, climb and zip, Leverage this mode to familiarize yourself with the game. In addition, when you try to revive your teammates, do it but without rushing. Choose the right place, undercover, and with no nearby enemies.

8) Don’t finish off the opponents right away

We know it’s very tempting: you want to get many frags to increase your statistics. So when an opponent gets knocked down, you want to finish him off right away. This is a big mistake! Not only does this reduce your ammunition and waste your time, because of the knockdown shield, but you also lose a great opportunity: opponents may have the reflex to go to their ally to help him, and that’s where you can trap them. Make sure that no opponent remains in the area before finishing them.

There is only one exception to this rule when the opponent has a gold legendary shield (indicated by the yellow color of the damage inflicted) because he can revive himself and eliminate you from behind. All in all, make sure to use the downed enemies as baits. This is one of the smartest apex legends tricks.

9) Pay attention to colors

This is one of Apex Legends beginners guide main tips. To choose your equipment, a simple color code has been established in order of rarity and power: white (basic) – blue – purple – gold (legendary). The game allows you to easily replace your items based on rarity, making the loot phase very smooth and easy to handle.

Then, in combat, you have to be careful about the color of the damage you deal to opponents: if it is blue, it means that you are damaging their level two armor. If it is yellow, you know that significant damage will have to be inflicted before affecting their health… and you can adapt accordingly, the best option is to opt for a headshot. When the damage is red, it means he no longer has armor and is close to being killed. Mastering the color codes is one of Apex Legends beginners guide tips and tricks for ranked.

10) Play for the experience

When the game was launched, 8 Legends were created, including 2 that can be purchased with 12,000 tokens or 750 Apex Coins. All these tokens are acquired in proportion to the experience, and it takes many hours of play. If you want to unlock them faster, as well as upgrade your level quickly to get more free Packs, it is possible to optimize as much as possible your first games to gain more experience.

For that, it is not the frags that count, but especially the survival time. The best thing is to play it safe at the beginning of the game and to survive as long as possible. Another element: a 500-experience bonus is offered to the one who will eliminate the one with the most kills, so you can focus on hunting him. Focusing on gaining more XP in the game is one of the most important Apex Legends tips for beginners guide.

11) Other apex legends tips and tricks

These tricks are destined for both beginners and for those who play ranked; they are also adapted to pc and consoles gamers.

Follow the sound of the robot

When you gather all the equipment needed for your round, you can sometimes hear a robot noise from afar. You have to follow him and find him, because by hitting him, he releases some upgraded equipment, including a purple one. Robots appear randomly on the map but are scattered in all areas.

Don’t worry about the damage caused by falls

You don’t have to be shy to jump from a building, cliff or supply ship that overlooks the map. You can dive as far as you want and not suffer any damage in case of a fall. This is a good reason to be cautious and make desperate escapes or kill enemies in mid-flight since you don’t have to worry about getting hurt when you hit the ground.

Legendary shields allow you to revive yourself

You could play for a long time without seeing one, but keep your eyes open for a legendary shock shield. Typical shields will protect you from damage when you are incapacitated and crawling so that a teammate can revive you, but with a legendary shield, you will see a message asking you to revive yourself. No need for a teammate, you can get back on your feet on your own.

You can close the doors when you are K.O.

When you are knocked out, you can still drag yourself to the nearest door to close it, or open it, as you wish, depending on the strategy discussed. You can protect yourself from your attackers, or stay low until your teammates intervene.

You can tag your enemy when being K.O.

Similarly, when you are K.O., the communication menu remains active. So don’t forget to report the player who put you on the ground to warn your teammates.

Aim for the head

The shooting multipliers at the head of almost all weapons are powerful, even if the enemy player is wearing a helmet. If you want to know how to get better at apex legends, aim for the head, it is really worth it, especially for early game fights.

Don’t be afraid to use your ability

It’s not worth saving your legend’s abilities if you don’t survive to use them later anyway. As abilities recharge quite quickly, it is always useful to use them to get the upper hand.

Gibraltar and Lifeline shields have infinite resistance

When Lifeline revives a grounded ally; she deploys a shield of unlimited resistance. This feature also applies to the Dome of Protection of Gibraltar. Use them advantageously if opponents are targeting you.

Do you fancy mobility?

Then Pathfinder with his grapple is a good choice, you will easily climb on an overhanging place. Octane with his speed boost can also be very useful.

A more aggressive game?

Choose Wraith, Bangalore, Octane or Bloodhound
Do you want to play tank? Then opt for Gibraltar or Caustic
With Wattson or Lifeline, you will provide support that can be very useful in some situations.

To conclude, we emphasize on practice, as it is the key factor to get better at any competitive multiplayer battle royale game. Stay tuned for more apex legends tips and tricks.

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