Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass, weapons & more

3 December 2019 marked call of duty modern warfare season 1 release date. Now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players on all platforms can take part in Season 1 and enjoy the largest free content update in the franchise’s history. The cod modern warfare season 1 battle pass has also made its appearance to offer players new ways to customize their experience by unlocking new content, basic weapons and up to 100 tiers throughout the season.

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COD modern warfare season 1 battle pass

Activision’s FPS features for the first time ever a Battle Pass with 100 tiers, some of which are free (20) and others are paid. Each player will, therefore, benefit from a free pass when playing season 1. However, to access all the rewards you will have to pay to unlock the paid version.

Available for 1000 COD Points (10€) or 2400 COD Points with 20 tiers in advance, this cod modern warfare season 1 battle pass is composed of 100 tiers and will offer you rewards for each tier you win in the Battle Pass. Please note that 20 free tiers are available so that players can win cosmetic items without spending a penny. This Season 1 Battle Pass offers 24 free rewards including 2 new weapons and more.

The rewards of the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass are the following:

  • 2 new operators: Mara and Nikto (Battle Pass required)
  • 2 new weapons (free)
  • 21 weapon blueprints (3 free)
  • 7 business cards (3 free)
  • 4 watches (Battle Pass required)
  • 12 double XP tokens (Battle Pass required)
  • 6 double XP weapon tokens (Battle Pass required)
  • 1300 COD Points (300 free)
  • 7 emblems (4 free)
  • 7 lucky charms (3 free)
  • 12 operator skins (Battle Pass required)
  • 6 stickers (3 free)
  • 6 sprays (3 free)

The cod modern warfare season 1 battle pass will be available until Tuesday, 28 January 2020, which is also almost cod modern warfare season 1 end date.

The new weapons of call of duty modern warfare season 1 update

The call of duty modern warfare season 1 update has introduced two new weapons; the fully automatic RAM-7 assault rifle and the Holger-26(LMG), a Holger-inspired light machine gun. Both weapons are free for all players. You can unlock them quickly, the RAM-7 at Tier 31 and Holger-26 at Tier 15.

RAM-7: A Bullpup assault rifle with a compact design optimal for close combat.

HOLGER-26: a fully automatic light machine gun to withstand enemy waves.

The COD MW season 1 new maps

One of the novelties of this first seasonal opus of Modern Warfare is the addition of different maps for certain game modes. Here are the maps of call of duty modern warfare season 1 update and in particular the big comeback of the famous Crash map. All of them will be available for all multiplayer modes:

New 6vs6 maps:

  • Crash
  • Vacant
  • Shipment

New Ground War mode Map:

  • Port

New 2v2 Gunfight Mode Maps:

  • Cargo
  • Atrium

Particularly popular for almost all the fans, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Crash multiplayer map has been remastered and reinvented: discover the wreckage of a crashed helicopter in Urzikstan, and find flanking routes and battles on the rooftops of the original.

Embark in Vacant, deserted offices in Ukraine that will lend themselves to combat indoors, and Shipment, which will encourage close and tension-filled 2vs2 Gunfights in this small-sized map packed with containers.

Port is amazing, a vast map for Ground War mode where 64 players can fight each other on container ships, cranes, buildings and in the streets.

As for Atrium and Cargo, the first invites you to explore and fight in a Verdansk palace while the second sets the scene for intensive battles within a container ship in the London Docks.

The new multiplayer modes of COD Modern Warfare season 1

There are three new multiplayer modes added with call of duty modern warfare season 1 start, Reinforce, Infected and Gunfight OSP, all three of which have already been seen in Call of Duty franchise.

Reinforce: This hybrid of Domination, Search and Destroy and Search and Rescue modes invites players to capture strategic points to resurrect their fallen teammates and win the round. Teamwork is essential in this mode, capture the enemy zones and survive.

Infected: This multiplayer mode of cod modern warfare season 1 is all about “go for hunting or be hunted”. You either infect everyone or just try to stay alive. Infected is a

survival mode where the hunter can quickly become prey, as the eliminated survivors become infected enemies.

Gunfight OSP (On-Site Procurement): This 2vs2 mode uses the same mechanisms as the traditional Gunfight mode, but there is one single difference as players start the game without equipment or weapons and must collect them once the game has started. It’s like a race; the first duo who builds their loadout quickly can defeat the opponents and thus win the round.

The four New Special Ops of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 1 update

Three classic Spec Ops experiences, which put your weapons, killstreaks and equipment mastery to the test, have arrived with cod modern warfare season 1, such as Pitch Black, Grounded and Bomb Squad. In Pitch Black, players will be able to infiltrate the deserted domain of Barkov to collect and transmit the necessary Intel; in Grounded, you will have to fight and eliminate Al-Qatala militants to seize weapons and air units. In addition, the Bomb Squad will invite players to defuse bombs in a city in Urzikstan before they explode.

Finally, a new special operation is available: Operation Just Reward. Your mission is to deprive Al Qatala of its funds and hack into their data centers.


With call of duty modern warfare season 1 update, If you were level 55+, your level is now back to level 55. Officer ranks are reset at the beginning of each season, so go as far as you can for this new season to reach the maximum officer rank, which this time is 155.

To conclude, cod modern warfare season 1 is rich in content with lots of free novelties to satisfy the community. In addition, new content will be rolled out in stages throughout this season. We remind you that call of duty modern warfare season 1 end is in late January so make sure to take the most out of it. Stay tuned for news to learn more about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019!

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