The Future Of Battle Royale Games

PUBGFortniteApex LegendsBattlefield 5Call of Duty Warzone and the list goes on, these are epic Battle Royale games that tell the great success of a video game mode that dominates PC, consoles and even Smartphones. The competitive multiplayer aspect of this genre has been attracting an incredible number of players for years. 

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The constant success of this mode raises an intriguing question about the future of Battle Royale games. So what future lies ahead for BR games? Are they going to last or are they slowly dying? Here is what we think. 

Can the Battle Royale be sustained over time?  

As with any mode, we can ask ourselves if the Battle Royale can be anchored over time. We’ve seen games and modes disappear little by little, even though they were very successful.  Today, the Battle Royale is still here and still seems to appeal to the community.  

This mode is so popular that many developers have decided to offer their own mode and sometimes even major studios. This is the case of Activision and Infinity Ward with their new Call Of Duty which offered its own Battle Royale, EA and DICE with their Firestorm Battle Royale mode of Battlefield V; or Respawn Entertainment and their own Apex Legends BR mode. 

Being a very popular multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale mode is being adopted by several video games development studios. So as long as there are new FPS and TPS games that opt for the BR genre, then we can rest assured that Battle Royale games still have peaceful days ahead of it. 

The Battle Royale: an endless competition and a continuous self-challenge 

Just like arcade games, Battle Royale games are ideal for self-challenge. Many great players, intense battles, tough competition and you are not always the winner. As soon as you finish a game you want to start a new one and try to do better if you haven’t already.

You can only be satisfied when you look at your stats with all the numbers corresponding to your games. That feeling when your team loses and you all want to retaliate, that’s what makes the competition persist. 

This unique aspect is what may ensure the permanent domination of Battle Royale in the world of video games. 

The BR mode as a thriving phenomenon 

The Battle Royale has become a real social phenomenon relayed by the traditional media but also put forward by the most famous influencers. Streamers and YouTubers have even based their recent successes on this game mode. 

The availability of a bunch of free to play Battle Royale games  

There are many great Battle Royale games that are free to play and this is very satisfying and appreciated by the fans of this genre. The ability to play BR games for free can also contribute to the continuity of this exceptional mode. Check out our top 10 free Battle Royale games on PC 

Plenty of regular updates 

The regular updates are among the key elements that can keep Battle Royale games from fading. Weapons, maps, vehicles, skins and more, new content added on a regular basis; making the Battle Royale always fresh and the community needs always satisfied. 

Battle Royale games are evolving 

There is still a lot of room for improvement for the Battle Royale games and the competition between games development studios is giving birth to new creative ideas of Battle Royale that we can clearly see throughout the history of this genre and in these great games: 

  • PUBG and its intense battles to be the last man standing 
  • Fortnite and its Building feature, which has proven to us that Battle Royale games are not boring, monotonous and limited 
  • Apex Legends and its fast-paced Battle Royale Fights, non-stop action and the Respawn Beacons 
  • Call of Duty: Warzone and its innovative features; 150 players BR mode, the Gulag and more 

These games will certainly influence the Battle Royale mode with their innovative ideas and unique features. 

Games like Call of Duty: Warzone drawing a new future for Battle Royale 

Before the release of Warzone, one could say that the Battle Royale games are limited, repetitive and slowly dying. But this BR mode of Call of Duty has proven that Battle Royale games are here to last! 

Call of Duty: Warzone has a better start than Apex Legends, the youngest of its competitors in the Battle Royale genre. The Electronic Arts title had reached ten million players in three days. And even if both of them are still far from the figures of Fortnite (average of 250 million players in March 2019), Warzone has a great future ahead of it. It is not yet at the level of popularity of Fortnite, but its variety of new ideas – such as being able to get back in the game, through a mini-game (the gulag) – as well as the exploitation of its rich license could make it a key player in the future of the online Battle Royale. 

But to what extent is this applicable and how long can Battle Royale games survive? 

Every trend will come to an end; a new trend will be born 

Battle Royale games are already in their peak of success and popularity, however, this trend will start fading and the genre will only continue to live on a few licenses, the best ones. It’s the same phenomenon as ten years ago with MOBAs, there were many MOBA titles, but today it’s only Dota and League of Legends that are still surviving and dominating Twitch

One day the player base of Battle Royale games will drop and there will be a new trendy multiplayer genre. Or maybe a new generation of Battle Royale will make an appearance, a more playful, competitive, exhilarating mode that can stick to a lot of different kinds of games; it won’t necessarily remain related to shooter games. The genre will renew itself, but it won’t be forgotten. 

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