Battlefield 5 Tips To Get Better

Battlefield V, the new opus of the EA and DICE military saga, is getting more and more intense, especially in terms of competition. Once again, with a large arsenal at your disposal and many different maps and game modes, it’s easy to get lost in this FPS quickly. That’s why we provide you with 11 Battlefield 5 tips and tricks to help you get better at BFV.

battlefield 5 tips

1) Battlefield 5 Boot Camp; a must!

First of all, we will introduce you to the Battlefield 5 Boot Camp, believe it or not, it is not only a great place to learn everything about combat but also to get basic information about healing, ammo gaining, weapons, classes, the importance of bullet penetration as well as the Attrition system. Electronic Arts explains on its website that it has modified the Boot Camp according to the feedback from the players.

2) Prepare yourself at the Training Center

Shortly after the game starts, you will be able to stay in shape and train regularly. You can test your reaction time, accuracy and feeling with Battlefield 5 weapons at the training center. Have fun with classes equipment to see what you like or take a ride in a vehicle to learn not to run over your allies. Virtually all Battlefields have a training center. In addition, it has always been practical to discover new weapons or vehicles added with DLCs. Battlefield 5 is not dissimilar.
However, remember that this is only training and that the real multiplayer combat will be more intense. Therefore, after playing with what the game has to offer, you will have to dive into the competitive multiplayer world. Don’t neglect these Battlefield 5 tips and tricks.

3) Start with the War Stories, the solo campaign

Before you get into multiplayer, try War Stories instead. This solo campaign will allow you to pause the game, to change shortcuts, sensitivity or other settings. You can also take the time to familiarize yourself with the vehicles and the gameplay. In addition, the stories are quite well done and the staging is successful. This is one of the fundamental Battlefield 5 tips and tricks, so it is a must to begin your bf5 journey with the campaign in order to improve, test and refine your skills.

4) Team play: The squad is the key

One of the main Battlefield 5 multiplayer tips and tricks is to stay close to your squad and follow your squad leader. Cover your allies’ backs and they’ll cover yours. Stay with your teammates, they will allow you to Respawn on them and join the fight as soon as possible. Working with your team is certainly the best way to improve your performance. Besides, it’s always good to have someone watching your back.

In addition, as you respawn faster on squad members, if you are the last member of the team alive, play carefully so that your allies have a chance to get back in the game. Moreover, please make sure that before respawning on your squad; choose the least exposed team member. In order to avoid the spawn kill. If it is too risky, choose a place far away from the fighting.

5) Focus on the objective

Always play the objective. Work with the squad to progress to the objective capturing. The more effective your squad game is, the more Requisition points you earn and the faster you can request valuable reinforcements like the devastating V-1 rocket, armored vehicles, bombing runs as well destructive call-ins. Don’t forget that focusing on the objective to gain requisition points is one of the most critical Battlefield 5 online tips and tricks.

Requesting reinforcements like artillery strikes can prove very handy as they can turn the table around for your team and thus win the game. This is also one of the most effective Battlefield 5 firestorm tips and tricks.

6) Master all BF5 classes

In order to get better at Battlefield 5, you need to master the four classes, this is also very useful in terms of filling the gaps of your squad. Here are a few Battlefield 5 tips and tricks for all the classes:

⦁ If you play Support, distribute bags of ammunition as soon as you appear. This is one of your main tasks.

⦁ If you play Medic, distribute medical bags as soon as you appear. Leverage the Medic ability; revive your fallen teammates.

⦁ If you play Recon, remember to locate the enemies for your squad. Giving them the necessary Intel is crucial.

⦁ If you play Assault, lead the battle. But don’t be afraid to retreat when your health is low or if you run out of ammunition.

7) How to improve accuracy in Battlefield 5

If you have a problem with aim and you don’t know how to improve accuracy in Battlefield 5, then you should adjust the sensitivity of the controller or mouse. Take advantage of the solo campaign to adapt the sensitivity of aiming and hip fire in BF5. And don’t forget that in this title, when you aim, it’s better not to move. This will increase your accuracy. Please note that this is one of Battlefield 5 tips and tricks pc as well as consoles.

IF YOU ARE ON PC, Learn more about how to improve your accuracy here:

8) Become the best BFV Sniper

Looking for Battlefield 5 sniper tips and tricks, here they are:

⦁ The Recon’s best friend is his long-range rifle; the optimal choice in Battlefield 5 is the Kar98K. This sniper rifle has the lowest rate of fire but does deadly damage. Once coupled to the long-distance bullets, it will hit the target perfectly.

⦁ When you play sniper, you must think about your positioning wisely to optimize both your aim and survival.

⦁ Equip yourself with a fast-paced support weapon to be able to run for your life when you move into areas that require close combat.

⦁ The best way to shoot your target from a distance is to press the button to hold your breath to stabilize the weapon and then go for a headshot. Make sure to do this while you are anticipating your target movement carefully.

9) How to get better at Firestorm

Much like in Apex Legends the time between the next advances of the firestorm is quite short and forces players to be constantly in motion. For this reason, we can only advise you to always check the meter and your map very regularly, to reach the safe zone on time. Quite ridiculous to recall, but sometimes by searching for the loot and exploring the areas, we lose track of time and that’s when the worst-case scenario happens.
Don’t go rogue, trying to act like a lone wolf in firestorm is not recommended, stick to your teammates.

This is one of Battlefield 5 tips and tricks ps4; when you are landing in Firestorm, use both controller sticks while you are parachuting in to ensure a safe and accurate landing.

It is relatively easy to understand the Firestorm loot system. It is divided into several categories: weapons, armor, medical kits and ammunition. Weapons are themselves identified by a very precise color code. Pink is for the most powerful weapons, often equipped with a viewfinder and with better statistics: significant damage, less recoil, more stability… Unlike green (common) and blue (rare) weapons. Getting used to this efficient loot system, which is relatively easy to understand, is one of the most useful Battlefield 5 firestorm tips and tricks.

10) Upgrade your weapons

Improving your weapons might seem pointless to mention, but this is highly important, that’s why it is among our list of Battlefield 5 tips and tricks. You can upgrade each weapon in Battlefield 5, adding assets that improve recoil or speed up aiming. They make a difference and are a great way to spend your hard-earned tokens.

11) Additional Battlefield 5 tips and tricks

⦁ Master the building system of the fortifications in BF5 to hold your positions, construct defensive and offensive fortifications (razor wire, sandbags, machine gun nests, Supply and Medical Stations…)

⦁ Keep the starter sidearm at your disposal. In fact, the starting weapon of each class has a complete Skill tree of specializations. This is not the same thing for the ones that you will unlock later in the game. DICE did this to establish fairness between new players and veterans. In addition, when you run out of ammunition, don’t forget to use your handgun. It’s faster than reloading.

⦁ If you have the means to destroy an enemy vehicle, do so. Vehicles often give a decisive advantage.

⦁ In BF5, you can fire at your grenades, mines or any explosive devices, which will, of course, trigger an explosion. Shooting your grenades in mid-flight can be very effective. You can do the same thing with the enemy’s grenades and all types of explosives.

⦁ Health Regeneration takes a long time. So if you’re wounded, take cover.

⦁ Accomplish special assignments and daily challenges every time you play Battlefield 5, which is necessary to win Company Coins (CC). They will be used to unlock weapons, upgrade options for your vehicles, cosmetic items such as jackets, weapon skins and more.

We hope that these Battlefield 5 tips and tricks help you get better at this highly competitive multiplayer fps game. We are committed to providing you with all the necessary information to become a Pro player in BF5. Stay tuned for our next article about the best weapons in Battlefield V.

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