How to Get Better at Valorant – 9 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Each day, Valorant player base is increasing exponentially which makes it the number one played game on Twitch right now. Since this is a Riot game, we expect a lot of non-FPS players to join the battle, thus, many will face some obstacles in terms of aiming and strategies. That’s why we will provide you with the best tips and tricks and how to get better at Valorant. 

How to Get Better at Valorant?

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Find the right sensitivity

There are two ways to find the right sensitivity for you: 

Convert sensitivity  

If you’ve been playing FPS games before and you don’t want to change the sensitivity when you play Valorant, you can easily convert your current sensitivity. 

Riot games provided some variables that you can use to calculate the sensitivity. 

Gradual sensitivity optimization 

If you have no experience with shooter games in general or FPS games more specifically, you will have no option but to rely on the gradual sensitivity optimization. You will have to start from a low to a high sensitivity while testing your aim each time. Gradually increase the sensitivity until you reach the perfect variable. 

Once you achieve that, you now have to stick with it. Never change the sensitivity if any minor failure occurs due to an off aim. Your brain is trying to adjust your hand/eye coordination and this will take time. Your muscle memory will be greatly improved if you just stick with it and play a lot of games. 

If you want to know more about how muscle memory works when you play video games, here’s a detailed guide for you. 

Crosshair placement 

If you’re still asking yourself how to get better at Valorant, well, bad crosshair placement is the first thing you want to fix if you want to get more frags and stop dying each time you peek a corner as you will have to adjust your crosshair in order to hit your opponent. The enemy will always be waiting for your sweet head. 

Personally, I don’t recommend you always peek the corners especially, if you’re a beginner. But if you must, then always lock your crosshair to where the enemy’s head may appear as you circulate that angle. 

Like all bad habits, wrong crosshair placement is not that easy to fix nor get used to fast. You will definitly notice a huge difference when you always remember to lower or highting your crosshair when you’re running or walking. 

Practice your AIM with Kovaak 

First of all, no good player was born with good aim. You will have to practice, there’s no shortcuts. The more you play, the more accurate you will be. 

The training in Valorant is very limited and doesn’t really give you the results you’re looking for. There are a lot of training apps and games out there on Steam, but I prefer Kovaak 2.0 The Meta; a flexible application that gives you a variety of exercises to improve your aim.

Using Kovaak is optional, you can only rely on the game to teach you how to aim, but it will take more time. Training with Kovaak is easy and fun. If you want to use the game only as a source of training, you will time to improve since you will go through a lot of frustrations and disappointing results because you’re not playing against bots, these are real players and they don’t care if you’re a beginner or not. 

Your aim might need slight adjustment or maybe your tracking is not that good. Pick the right exercises and stick with it. I train 1 hour per day and the improvement is noticeable. 

Work as a team 

Communication is the key to success in any competitive game. Be more specific and clearer as soon as you see an enemy. Cooperation is always the essential ingredient to win a match, without it, you and your team will suffer the consequences and your KD will be negatively affected. 

Playing with your friends is always better than playing with randoms, especially, in ranked mode. In Valorant, 90% of the time, players will only use the in-game tagging rather than just using the microphone. You can join Valorant discord and you will find a lot of players at a similar level. 

Pick the right crosshair 

Valorant did a great job to give its fanbase a wide range of customizations to edit your crosshair the way you need it to be. Many players are saying that a green or red point at the center of the screen will give you more accuracy and will be useful when you’re trying to headshot someone from afar. That may give some advantage however, the crosshair will get lost during gunfights and you will lose track of your opponents very easily, increasing the frustrations even more. 

Others might say that the classical CS GO crosshair is the best one so far. With this custom crosshair, I find it easier to hit your target no matter where he/she stands and with losing track of it. Adding a stroke to the crosshair will make it more clear, perfect and ready to hit the target. 

You might see your favorite streaming using the first custom crosshair and another esports player is using a classic one. Make sure to try everything, preferences and opinions about which one is better than the other may vary and the result is the same, so go HAM and use your own custom crosshair with which you feel comfortable.

Map knowledge 

The map design of Valorant was made so that newcomers feel at home, and by newcomers, I mean those migrating from MOBA to FPS. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, you will feel at home since the usual 2 or 3 lanes map layout will be present. 

You will need to focus on callouts and leverage that throughout the game. This will enhance your communication skills and will give you an advantage over your opponents.  

Learning the best spots to plant the spike is also crucial. Place the spike where you will have a visual on it later when you hidden as it will turn red if it’s being defused. This comes in handy if you’re the last player alive and waiting for the enemy to defuse. 

Don’t be toxic 

The microphone is usually used to give the right information on where the enemy could be hidden or moving. Using it to express anger or misleading information was and never will be the right call to opt for. 

Being toxic is way worse than being a noob. It will limit communication and may result in a bad outcome and negative KD. Always be helpful and don’t feed incoming toxicity. Period! 

Exploit the sounds 

Audio in Valorant is still a work in progress. It’s not that perfect yet, but you have to use that for your advantage. A good headset is always a good choice to go for. 

A great chunk of the game will be you hearing who’s coming or passing by. People tend to rush the objective, so it’s easy to hear enemies approaching the site and get a clean shot since you will know exactly where they are. 

You can also hear the spike when it’s being planted from a long distance. So, the best way to exploit the sounds is by eliminating any external music/sounds and increasing the in-game volume. 

Don’t play Ranked yet 

If you’re a beginner and you still want to know how to get better at Valorant, then don’t go for the ranked mode until you feel comfortable with your aiming and communication skills. You will need to learn a lot before going to this mode. 

If you play Ranked and you still not prepared for it, you have a lot of difficulties later on and might uninstall the game with the idea that Valorant is not worth the time and it’s very difficult or “laggy” while you didn’t invest the necessary time and effort to become better at this game. So, take it easy and learn step by step. Don’t rush.

Let us know in the comments what you think about our tips and tricks on how to get better at Valorant.

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