When is Valorant ranked coming out and 7 things that need to be changed/fixed

Those who played in the closed beta had the chance to try and test the ranked mode of Valorant. After launch, the ranked mode was removed to give everyone a fair playground seeing that this game is a Riot game and there are many people who are migrating from League of Legends to this FPS game, and it’s possibly their first-ever FPS game. So when is Valorant ranked coming out?

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We have received some good news from Valorant game director Joe Ziegler stating in a Tweet that Valorant ranked mode will be coming out next week

Here’s what we expect from the next patch! 



No matter your internet speed, you must have seen the ping spike randomly triggering, especially when you’re in a fight. An error usually displays on the top right corner which makes the game unplayable and comes between you and your maintained learning curve. 

The next patch will prioritize this major problem and will also fix the low FPS server error, AKA, server tick rate which means; how many times per second will the server receive, analyze and send the data back to the client (your PC). As you might already know, a low server tick rate will result in a lot of desync and Lag. 

A low tick rate is a result of either poor Netcode or poor-quality server (hardware-wise). This is usually noticeable when an online game first comes out. The game studio will set the usage of the servers at the lowest rate possible in order to optimize resources and expenses. Riot games is a business after all. 

However, don’t always blame Riot for the bad experience. Check your internet and applications running in the background that might be using some of your sweet data. 


Hitreg is undeniably one of the most crucial elements when developing a competitive multiplayer player game like Valorant which has the potential to reach the cap set by its competitor, CSGO. 

Hitreg is basically how the server handles and registers the data when damage is inflected. This relies heavily on the netcode and server tick rate. 

Many players reported that their shots sometimes are not aligned with the crosshair, therefore, frustration arises and focus decreases resulting in a match loss. 


Audio in games is essential, let alone an FPS game like Valorant. I had many situations where I can bet my soul that an enemy is right in front of me, but eventually, I get hit from behind leaving me with a skeptical idea that Valorant is lacking the basics of the competitive aspect. 

As well as the network problem we’ve mentioned previously, this vital element needs to be fixed asap if the game studio wishes to jump into the esports scene in which I am very confident that it will.

Relying solely on the game to deliver high-quality sounding is probably not the best idea. A good gaming headset is also required not only for Valorant but also for any competitive game. Use the microphone also for god’s sake. 


We get that this game is free and needs a way to make money by, for example, selling skins. However, if you want cheap skins, this game is not a good place for you.  

The skins bundles are worth at least 70$. I don’t know about you, but even if those skins are high-quality and well-designed, it’s still very overpriced. Many reviewers and content creators are okay with that though. 

Let’s not forget that Riot is a AAA studio and doesn’t really need to charge its fanbase that much for a couple of textures on the weapons. Supporting a game in early development is and always will be a good thing to do (if the reputation of the gamedev studio is not below the threshold of course). With that out of the way, Valorant has been in development for more than 6 years. Theoretically, this is not a new game. 

At the end of the day, lowering the price of the skins and future cosmetic items will be a good and well-thought-out call. This will have a positive impact on their sales and will definitely earn more from that. 


Imagine having three AFK teammates and the remaining one is toxic. Well, I’ve been there and I can tell you that it sucks. Especially, when you can’t disconnect nor vote for kick. Just stuck there waiting for the enemy team to win after 13 rounds and that takes time. 

Every Valorant player said their part about the voting feature so far and it will be implemented with the release of the ranked mode. 


Having only the classic CSGO, plant or defuse the bomb or spike mode is not that exciting in the long run. Riot might add a couple of other modes like TDM or FFA to further harness the style of the game and the abilities of the agents. 


Currently, the game is not very flexible with its fanbase. Many features are still yet to be added like the ability to choose the map that you want to play in before each match or you can select only your favorite maps. 

Riot doesn’t want to implement this now due to the low number of maps (only 4 maps) and they might implement this feature in the next few patches. Not very confident they will do that in the ranked patch as they will be mainly focusing on the mode and its post-complains & feedbacks. 

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