10 CSGO tips and tricks – How to get better at CS:GO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is undoubtedly one of the most played games in the history of gaming. No one can deny that CS GO is an iconic game in the gaming community and many people, veterans and beginners, can’t get their hands off when they start a new match. Here’s out 10 CSGO tips to get better at the game. 

CSGO tips

Convert your sensitivity from other games to CSGO 

If you’ve been playing other FPS games and you’re trying to find the equivalent sensitivity in CS:GO, we have a FREE tool that you can use to convert your sensitivity from other FPS games to CSGO. This will not only improve your aim but you will feel at home if this is the first time you’re trying the game. 

Click here to convert your sensitivity.

Our tool is FREE and updated regularly with the latest games. You can click here to try Mouse Sensitivity Converter. 

If your muscle memory is used to a certain sensitivity and you suddenly change the game, it will take more than 3 weeks for you to get used to the new game controls. Thus, it’s better to set the exact settings across your games. 

Don’t play competitive yet 

This is one of the most important CSGO tips: If you’re a beginner or you’re still not good at CSGO, you better off the competitive mode for now. Playing Casual will improve your aim drastically and will not affect your ranking because let’s be honest, you can’t reach the Global Elite if your aim or map knowledge is limited. 

CSGO is very challenging when it comes to competitive mode. It will not forgive your bad aiming or your rushed decisions, so don’t waste your ranking. 

Choose the right crosshair 

Choosing the right crosshair is always neglected by players when they start their first few games. However, this has a great impact on your performance during the game. 

To change the color and style of your crosshair, you can follow this detailed article

Many players are playing with the green cl_crosshairsize 3.5. You can start with it and if you don’t like it, you can change it and play around with the settings to find what fits you. 

Learn the maps 

When you first start playing the game, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of known and unknown maps. You will have to try the popular maps first; Dust 2 & Mirage are the best for you. 

Map knowledge is the main key to get more frags. You may not notice some details when you’re playing with other people, so the best way to improve your learning curve is by entering an empty game and focus on your crosshair placement and the common spots that may put you at an advantage or disadvantage.

Another minor yet important detail that people are missing is shadows. Learning where the sunlight is directed will easily reveal your next frag.

Pick the right mouse 

The hardware is also one of the first rules to follow in order to get better at CSGO. Choosing the right mouse for the game is crucial, especially if you are just starting and still not sure about it. We got you covered! 

Here’s a selection of the Top 5 FPS mouse to improve your aim

If you’re on a budget and still want to get those frags, we also have a selection for that. Here’s our Top 10 gaming mouse under $50

What we recommend is you get Razer DeathAdder Elite or a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. Those two mice have the best sensors and well-known in the esports community and gamers in general for being one the most accurate in FPS games and CSGO is no different. 


Poor money management will not only hurt you, but it will also hurt the whole team down the road. You will be responsible for how you spend your money. 

Your team may need a weapon or an item mid-game and who will be the hero that will provide that to his/her teammate? YOU! 

You can learn more about how to utilize this unique feature that you can’t find in other FPS games (not clones) from esports players. Watching experts spending their cash wisely in coordination with their teammates will sure give you a great advantage later on. 

A lot of times you will hear your teammate screaming “SAVE AWP”! Saving your gear to use it the next round is generally a good idea as your team and your cash will thank you for it. But sometimes when the situation differs, you will have to go for the plant or push to win the round rather than staying hidden behind the wall. 

Play as a team 

Communication is one of the pillars of CSGO tips and tricks. Without communication, I can assure you that you will have a hard time grinding. You will need a good gaming headset in order to win the match. 

Callouts are also necessary if you want to become a pro in this game. They will help your team to know exactly the position of the enemy. It’s hard for you to remember all of the callouts if you’re just a beginner, so I would recommend that you take it to the next level as I did and print the maps and put them on the wall so you don’t miss any callout. 

Recoil control 

One of the main CSGO tips is focusing on recoil control. There are no shortcuts to improve your recoil, each weapon has its own recoil and you must practice each one of them. 

Accurate spray while aiming at the head of your enemy are the perfect combination to get frags faster and develop good aiming habits. 

The two rifles that you want to focus on are the AK47 & the M4A4. 

Here’s a workshop map that you can practice your recoil here. You only have to subscribe and it will be added to your automatically. 

This Recoil Master will help you get familiar with different weapons recoils. 

You should aim down when shooting to guaranty that the bullets’ line of fire is not being pushed vertically.  

If you’re a beginner, don’t ever spray and pray, this will affect your muscle memory negatively and increase the frequency of bad habits. On the contrary, learn how one tap the enemy and if it’s hard, then spray your first 5 – 9 bullets and stop and then repeat. 

Don’t rush B! 

Rushing only comes in handy when your team is already winning. However, if you’re losing, the last thing you want to do is rushing the objective. Your team should focus on approaching the situation tactically after gathering the necessary information about the weak points of the opponent. 

Control your rage 

Anger and toxicity are very contagious and they can lead you team to lose even if you’re winning. Avoiding being toxic is always the best option to stay focus on the game and get those frags. 

Even if you get some insults from the opponent, ignore it and never feed a losing toxic ego. 

So, that was our CS GO tips and tricks to get better at the game. Let us know in the comments if you have more tips that you want to share with us.  

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