Apex Legends – Gibraltar beginner’s guide

When you think of a human tank, literally and figuratively, Gibraltar is the perfect example. He is like a Shielded Fortress thanks to his various shields and defensive abilities. He has great resistance; his role is to absorb damage while the rest of the team tries to move forward, although he is not easy to play. Check out Gibraltar Apex Legends champion guide and the necessary information to get you started with this legend.

gibraltar apex legends guide

Gibraltar abilities

Let’s begin our Gibraltar Apex Legends guide with his abilities, which are mostly defensive and they are very effective.

Dome of Protection (tactical)

This is a huge shield that you can deploy to protect your team from incoming fire for a short time. It’s very useful when it comes to reviving a fallen teammate while taking fire, but be careful, your opponents can pass through the shield and attack you. Also, you can’t shoot from it either. So use it carefully!

Gun Shield (passive)

This is an automatically deployed shield for your weapon whenever you aim down sights. Every time you aim, the shield will appear and absorb the bullets coming from the front, so it protects your head. This is an optimal defensive ability for direct engagements, but you should keep an eye on its health so you don’t suddenly lose it.

Defensive Bombardment (ultimate)

This ability is very practical and it’s somehow similar to Bangalore ultimate. The only difference is that it is a concentrated mortar strike that explodes instantly, so the enemies don’t have enough time to escape from the blast. It is effective at dealing damage to your enemies, stunning them, or getting them out of their cover. Beware, it can stun you and your squad if you are caught within its explosion area.

How to play Gibraltar?

A real tank, Gibraltar will be your team’s defensive trump card. Widely used in classic or competitive games, Gibraltar is a must-have if you want to survive and limit the damage. Having an ultimate quite similar to that of Bangalore, he has nevertheless a huge advantage: the mortars explode directly after the bombardment, no delay before the explosion, so the enemies cannot escape.

This method is therefore simple to do maximum damage while being protected: use your Dome of Protection and then launch the Defensive Bombardment right afterward, all in the middle of the fight. This is an optimal trick and its success is fully guaranteed!

You’ll also play a vital defensive role, and revival will be made much easier thanks to your Dome of Protection. Make sure to deploy your shield just before you revive your downed allies, to avoid being killed in the middle of doing a good deed. Even so, you won’t be safe from your enemies breaking directly into the Dome, but that’s the risk of the job. Also, whenever there is a heavy exchange of fire between your team and the enemy, don’t forget to use your shield to cover your teammates.

Gibraltar is very strong in defense, but you will have to be careful when attacking and avoid fighting in the front line, without having enough protection in stock.

Gibraltar tips and tricks

Let’s conclude our Gibraltar Apex Legends beginner’s guide with some tips and tricks:

  • The Gun Shield takes time to unfold, so it’s best to activate it when you’re taking cover.
  • Even if Gibraltar is not adapted to direct engagements, his passive shield ability allows him to win most of the frontal fights.
  • The Dome of Protection can also protect you from artillery explosions of Bangalore.
  • Be careful, your shield is so big that it can reveal your location, as it can be spotted from afar.
  • Cover yourself and your teammates with your shield and then activate your ultimate right away, you’ll be all safe and protected while watching all nearby enemies being wiped out.
  • Your ultimate inflicts a lot of damage but its impact zone is not very wide.
  • Depending on your passive ability, the best weapons to use are the ones that have ADS (Aiming Down Sight)
  • Beware, the opponents can go through your shield and attack you.
  • Certain devices can be attached to your shield, for example, Octane’s LaunchPad, providing you with a speed boost.

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