Top 10 Free Battle Royale Games on PC

For the past three years, Battle Royale games have conquered the hearts of many video game enthusiasts. These games are inspired by the eponymous Japanese film that was a great success in the year 2000.

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It is based on the principle that several players are engaged on a large map where they must find weapons, ammunition, protection in order to survive and become the last player alive. For those who are wishing to join this competitive multiplayer mode, below is a list of free Battle Royale games on pc, the 10 best ones so far.

1) Call of Duty: Warzone

We start our top 10 free Battle Royale games list with the game that hit 15 million battle royale players in just 5 days. Warzone is heading our list of the best free battle royale games on pc. It is the Royal Battle of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It is free; it offers cross-platform, crossplay, and cross-save. In short, it has everything to succeed!

150 players compete against each other on huge maps, with vehicles, skills that activate with your Killstreaks, a cash system, a Plunder game mode, a classic Royal Battle. In short, Warzone has many mechanisms that will certainly bring so much freshness to the world of Battle Royale. Learn more about Call of Duty: Warzone here.

2) Apex Legends

Apex Legends surprised everyone. On February 4th, it arrived on the stage of the top Battle Royale games, with no announcement, no teasing, and no marketing to prepare its arrival. The title propels itself to more than 25 million players in one week. Today, no doubt, it fully deserves its place in the best free battle royale games on pc.

Apex Legends falls within the Titanfall universe, combines intense battle royale with characters akin to Overwatch. It is a nervous team game. You will be able to choose a character with his own abilities. Then on the battlefield, classically equip yourself with the weapons found on the map, as well as modifiers, armor, healing kit and shield.

In this title, no construction! Ziplines, slides, action, that’s what you’ll find in the latest title of Respawn Entertainment. If you’re interested in getting started with EA’s Battle Royale, we invite you to check our Apex Legends guide.

3) Fortnite

First of all, Fortnite is free and the title is a huge success, for many players it is quite simply the best Battle Royale game. Its popularity continues to grow, offering a constantly renewed and very arcade experience. Although there is a lot of complexity when it comes to construction. Epic doesn’t hesitate to experiment with new game styles and original modes.

Fortnite is a mix of PUBG and Minecraft (for construction). Don’t expect a realistic game. So it offers a very original gaming experience. During the fights, you will also have to build defensive structures to protect yourself, but also to gain height and jump on your enemies to have the advantage. Last but not least, Fortnite offers very dynamic fights, players jump and move all the time to be the least easy to hit. And that’s something many people will like.

The gameplay of Fortnite is excellent. But if you’re looking for more realistic battles, this may not be the best Battle Royale game for you. Maybe other titles in this selection of the best free battle royale games on pc will be more suitable. However, Epic has done a fantastic job on this game. And it continues, every week with new events being added. In addition, the crossplay, cross-platform is a real asset to play with friends.

4) PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite is the free version of the famous Battle Royale PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. In this version, there are only the Erangel and Miramar maps available as well as the training camp. The goal remains the same: to be the last survivor of the 100 players on the map. The competitive multiplayer battles of this game are the reason why it is among our list of the top 10 free BR games on PC.

Note that PUBG Lite runs greatly on low-end pc, so download it and enjoy smooth gameplay. Looking for other great fps games for low-end PCs, take a look at our selection here.

5) Ring of Elysium

You are one of 60 players, who are trapped in a mountain of snow in a disastrous snowstorm, the only way out is a rescue helicopter that can only save four people. Survivors must stay ahead of the coming storm while eliminating the competition. Ring of Elysium of Tencent seems to be one of the best free battle royale game available on Steam Early Access.

Ring of Elysium map is marvelous. You’ll find huge mountains, a ski lift all over the map and an interesting mix of small towns. Ring of Elysium might offer a more competitive battle royale experience than its peers, but at the moment it feels hollow. The weapons you will use in this game shoot like lasers. The shooting accuracy is enormous. The bullets almost always go exactly where you want them with very little recoil.

Ring of Elysium does offer an interesting playground, in a ski resort. However, several elements give an impression of a game that is not finished. Of course, the game is for the moment in early access. That’s why it’s a title to Keep an eye on.

6) Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is a brutal Battle Royale game that started from a simple April fool’s joke. Transformed into a full-fledged title, it offers us an experience mixing the survival of the genre’s titles on a background of humor and lightness. Developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Distribution KFT, this multiplayer survival shooter is free-to-play.

Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale game featuring the whole kitchen equipment and the most honest system for the loot boxes. Massive and intense PVP battles: 30 players in total per session will emerge from different parts of the map, starting with their basic outfits only and then moving towards the center of an increasingly shrinking battlefield. Use mystic seals, ancient rituals, demonic powers and more. Cuisine Royale deserves to be among the top 10 free Battle Royale games list.

7) Realm Royale

This free Battle Royale game is developed by the Paladin team. Choose your class, and get into the battle. Get on your horse, explore this fantastic universe and build legendary equipment that will help you survive among 100 players in this fantasy-style Battle Royale. Loot lethal weapons, use powerful abilities, kill your opponents, escape the deadly fog, and be the last champion standing.

Realm Royale is currently in early access on Steam. Player reviews are quite positive. The title has a lot of quality and even if it struggles to compete with the best games of Battle Royale 2020, you will always find enough players to launch a game.

8) Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a free battle royale game on pc, which is clearly inspired by Fortnite, where up to 100 players fight for survival on an island filled with weapons. And as in other Battle Royale games, only one person will remain at the end… unless you play as a team, so up to four players can win.

The game is a sandbox oriented FPS combining construction and Battle Royale. The gameplay in this BR game is virtually identical to PUBG or, more specifically, Fortnite. Use your main weapon to obtain resources from the environment, destroy anything you encounter: cars, buildings, trees… With these resources, you can build all kinds of structures, including walls, roofs, floors and ramps. Do what it takes to be the last player/team standing.

9) H1Z1

H1Z1 is a free battle royal game developed by Daybreak Game Company, released in 2018 on Microsoft Windows and consoles. H1Z1 is the oldest title in this selection of the best free battle royale games on pc. Despite the drop of its player base, the game is still a great fast-paced highly competitive BR shooter.

Run and gun in the classic way with 100 players who compete against each other in a final deathmatch. Just like other battle royale games, you have to arm yourself to the teeth, kill your opponents, avoid the deadly gas and be the last player/squad to survive.

10) CSGO Danger Zone

CSGO became free to play in late 2018 adding a new royal battle mode called Danger Zone. Compared to other battle royale games, it only hosts 16 to 18 players, so expect the rounds to be short (about 10 minutes). The map of CSGO Danger Zone is huge when compared to other Counter Strike maps, the tactical gameplay is not bad and the game still has the same elements of CSGO, including weapons and game modes like Hostage Rescue.

The game puts you on an island to compete against other players for survival. The particularity of the mode is that it is free and it deserves to be mentioned in our list of the best free to play BR games on PC.

What do you think about this top 10 free Battle Royale games list? Tell us in the comments down below.

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