How To Get Better At Battlefield 1

The last two years have brought a series of great improvements to the First World War shooter, Battlefield 1. This team-based multiplayer FPS, which is developed by Dice and published by EA, still maintains an active player base despite the fierce competition.

how to get better at battlefield 1

BF1 is being revisited by many players and this is due to its intense multiplayer battles. If you are a member of the healthy community of Battlefield 1 and you are planning to join the fight again, here is how to get better at Battlefield 1 and become a skilled soldier in one of the finest online FPS ever.


If you want to get better at Battlefield 1, you should search for an active team that actively assigns orders. This is not a battle tip, but this will help you learn from experienced players and enable you to earn extra experience points, thus allowing you to obtain better weapons and advantages.

In addition, playing with an active team that you trust, you’ll find it easier to play because you’ll always have the necessary cover from your teammates. Whether it’s healing, revival or ammo, your team got your back. If you are without a squad, join one and obey the orders of the leader in charge of it as much as possible.


When playing, you can often notice players who remain static in their position. In Battlefield as in other games, this should not become a habit since it does not allow evolving in the game, but to camp on one’s position. To take the example of a flag capture, it is always necessary to try to make direct contact with the enemy to provoke actions. That’s how you learn new skills and improve yourself.

By remaining static in a position, a player doesn’t really improve his reflexes, in addition to often penalizing his team in the ongoing battle. If you want to know how to get better at battlefield 1, then keep moving!


The Spotting Scope of the Scout is not the only way to inform your team of the presence of one or more enemies at a particular location. The Spotting Key (A/Q on PC, R1 on PlayStation 4 or RB on Xbox One) is used to point your team at one or more opponents on foot or in a vehicle.

Again, it should be noted that the number of enemies detected can affect different factors: being far away, for example, can allow you to detect a group of enemies coming down a plain, while fog or a storm will reduce your field of vision, and thus your ability to spot enemies. To spot enemies, simply move your crosshair over them and press the dedicated key indicated above.


One of the special things about Battlefield is the team play. More than ever on Battlefield 1, cohesion and team play is emphasized. Not only does team play allow you to win a game, but it also allows you to earn even more points.

Play the objectives

To win a lot of experience points you don’t just have to be a good shooter and eliminate everything in your path. You also have to play the objectives.
A captured flag in Conquest mode is equivalent to 5 to 6 infantry eliminations. Playing the objectives intelligently allows you to move up the ranks more quickly.

Playing in squad

Experience points are slightly higher when an action, such as healing, reviving or restocking (providing ammo to the team) is performed on a player in the same squad.
In addition to helping each other and extra points, squad members often offer interesting respawn points.


battlefield 1 sniper scout menu

Picking the medic class and using it as the assault class is almost foul play. Think about it, if you want your team to win. Medics have to heal and revive teammates who fall in combat. The assault class has to eliminate the enemy infantry and destroy their vehicles; the support has to provide his squad with ammunition.

For the sake of the team and not to be a burden, try your best to fulfill your role. This is how to get better at battlefield 1. Playing your role responsibly is crucial and it is also a great accomplishment if you manage to master all BF1 classes.


Here’s a detailed guide on how to improve your aim:

When lying down, crouching or walking, the stability of the gunshots will be much better than when you are sprinting or running. For those who doubt it, I invite you to log into a game in normal mode and analyze the size of the crosshairs in “Hip Fire” mode when you are lying down, crouching, standing (walking, sprinting and running).

Another way to check this is to perform a series of shots on flat surfaces – such as a wall, for example – to compare the trajectory and dispersion of the bullets so that you can see exactly where they hit. Again, the higher the rate of fire, the more difficult it is to handle it. Here, it’s up to you to learn how to use it, because, in BF1, every weapon has its own stats. If you don’t know how to get better at battlefield 1, then you should firstly improve your aim.


CompetentSandyHylaeosaurus poster

This is something not to ignore, respawn can have a real influence on a game. In Battlefield 1 it is possible to respawn in different places: at the point of deployment, on captured objectives, on teammates and in allied vehicles.

Respawning is a decision not to be taken lightly. A bad respawn can force you to run, run and run again. It can also put you in awkward positions or even get you killed.

Each respawn must be considered. From the menus, you can see enemy movements on the map and locate hot spots. No need to respawn under enemy fire, unless of course, you have an idea in mind. Choosing the right location to respawn is the key to victory!


In Battlefield 1, you have to expect to run into the enemy at every corner at any time. As a general rule, the more experienced players like to go around the mass to strike from behind when you least expect it, but you should always be on your guard, as coming from behind often means that you can get caught by the enemy easily and unexpectedly. A great BF1 soldier is the one who is always vigilant and cautious.


Don’t fall in the mistake of removing the bayonet from your weapon, because this melee weapon can prove very useful. If you don’t know it, in battlefield 1, it is possible to charge your opponents with a bayonet fixed under the barrel of your weapon.

Designed for close combat, the bayonet can serve you well. As practical as it is fearsome, the charge is also almost unstoppable. Once in your enemy’s line of fire, you’ll have to be precise to prevent him from putting a hole in your chest.

In addition to its usefulness in close combat, the charge is also ideal for taking up positions quickly. As the sprint of the charge is faster than a normal sprint, it is possible to move around using this fighting technique. Nevertheless, be careful, once the charge has been executed, the soldier will not be able to run for a few seconds.


In BF1, at the end of each game, you win War Bonds (the in-game currency) and it is essential that you use them to unlock the main weapons of the classes you play most often. Don’t spend your War Bonds on weapons that you are not going to use.


Just like your bayonet, the sliding feature in battlefield 1 should not be taken lightly as it can make the difference between staying alive and being caught in the crossfire. Simple of use as sprinting, sliding must be mastered.
The sliding feature is useful for escape, flanking, raiding houses and spawning. Here is a trick that many professional players use thanks to this feature: you can use the reviving syringe while sliding, which will allow you to escape quickly and heal your fallen teammate at the same time.


Unlike other games where the maps are flat, the Battlefield universe offers players a variety of landscapes to take advantage of, from the very first titles of the license. Thus, you will have understood that the scenery must be used to its full potential to try to infiltrate discreetly into enemy lines to take them by surprise or take cover when necessary. You can adopt many strategies thanks to the setting of Battlefield 1.

It is a pity that some players limit themselves to always taking the same path and thus die again and again in the same way. Mountains, dunes, houses, vegetation, there are so many possibilities and strategies to adopt and try in Battlefield that it would be sad not to take full advantage of them.

Just like any other online FPS, practice is ideal if you don’t know how to get better at Battlefield 1. Playing with an active squad and concentrating on communication and teamwork while following the tips above, will help you become a great soldier not only in BF1 but also in any competitive multiplayer FPS.

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