All you need to know about the upcoming COD Modern Warfare

If you are a big fan of First Person Shooter (FPS), namely shooting games like Call Of Duty, you have to be extremely excited to welcome on October 25th the famous Modern Warfare. Activision will resurrect, from its ashes, the famous opus that has greatly exploded the license Call of Duty via a reboot that looks very promising. In addition to offering a new single-player mode and a multiplayer mode to really get back to basics, Activision could also offer a royal battle mode according to some rumors. Here is everything you need to know about the game.

Is it a sequel to the saga or a reboot?

It is widely expected that COD: Modern Warfare will not be a sequel to the saga, but a “reboot” of the two most popular chapters of the series. As you must know, the title developed by Infinity Ward comes back to the sources by proposing a contemporary conflict (not futuristic). So No more wall runs, grasshopper leaps or superpowers.

What about graphics?

The game will finally undergo a real graphical lifting. After years and years of using the same graphics engine, Infinity Ward has carried out innovation and we end up with a very magnificent game, much more than its predecessors. Fans will certainly appreciate this enhancement.

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No Season Pass, a co-op and online modes are available as well as a battle royale… Great!

The game will not offer a Season Pass which implies that content will be added regularly as new maps or weapons, all for free and for everyone. In addition, we will enjoy the big return of the single-player campaign that was abandoned with Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. The online mode will also be available, as well as a cooperation mode! In short, for the moment there is enough to satisfy everyone. And if the rumors are true, there will be a royal battle, a few months after the release of the game, to meet the expectations of the fans.

A multiplatform game

The new COD: Modern Warfare will support the multiplatform game. The team’s plans are to allow console and PC players to play together. That would be amazing!

Behold the realism mode

According to Joe Cecot, who is in charge of the multiplayer mode, there will be custom games together with a realism mode. And this latter involves the removal of hitmakers or kill indicators/sounds during this game mode, so players can’t figure whether the enemy is down or not, only if they see him lying dead. Result: we will experience a high level of tension, especially when two teams are fighting in the dark. The realism mode will also feature more realistic movements, sounds, and weapons handling… In short, both challenge and fun are guaranteed.

Additional information

The game will include maps designed for 2vs2, 6vs6, 10vs10 and 20vs20 modes. In addition, some maps will have a night version where you cannot see anything unless you use night vision. As for the regeneration of life, it is automatic.

The game will include the following mechanisms:
Players can open and close the doors and even bash them down. It is perfect for killing an enemy hiding on the other side of the door.
In addition to the normal sprint, the game offers a faster way to run called Tactical Sprint. When activated, the game character raises his weapon to run faster.
Gunsmith is a new tool that allows players to create custom versions of their weapons.

As you can see, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has got many surprises to its lovers, and despite the rumors, one thing is certain, though: Captain John Price has returned to Call of Duty games and there are many other definite improvements set to exceed our expectations. The game will be available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So PREPARE YOURSELF for the ultimate battle!

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