Battlefield 5 Medic Class Guide

Every class in Battlefield 5 is of great importance, but there is one class that the whole team can’t survive without its role and capacities. Meet Battlefield 5 Medic Class, the healer of the injured and the savior of the fallen. 

Battlefield 5 Medic

Mastering the Medic Class will give enough peace of mind to your teammates when they know that you are there for them and ready to give them a hand when they need it. The Medic can turn the tide in favor of his allies if played right. Here is how to play this class. 

The Medic’s role: between healing and reviving 

When you play Battlefield 5 Medic Class, you should be aware that your top priority is keeping your teammates in the game by healing or reviving them when necessary. To do so you have your own medical tools: 

  • Bandages for healing injured allies ( you can throw them to your squad-mates) 
  • Revive Syringe to resuscitate your fallen teammates (note that the Syringe is an exclusive tool for the Medic as it can ensure fast revival when compared to Buddy Revive done by the other classes) 
  • The Medical crate: unlocked at Level 4, this gadget enables you to set medical supplies in ideal locations, so that your teammates can pick them up. 

Capacities that go far beyond healing and reviving 

The Medic class in BFV is ultra-versatile; you will discover this as you level up and unlock new weapons, gadgets and 2 Combat roles. These unlockables vary from handguns, SMGs, grenades and more. However, the ability to customize your battlefield 5 Medic Class thanks to Combat Roles is what you really need to understand. 

The Combat Roles 

There are 2 Combat Roles; each one has 2 different traits, understanding each one of them will help you learn the optimal way to play the Medic Class. 

Field Medic 

This combat role will grant you 2 useful traits: 

  • Healer: this trait enables you to earn more Requisition points whenever you provide your injured teammates with healing bandages. Earning more Requisition means additional and faster calls for Reinforcements for your team. 
  • Swift Effort: Benefit from a speed boost when you are heading toward your fallen squad-mates to heal them. 

Combat Medic (unlocked at level 8)

Battlefield 5 Medic Class can unleash his survival instincts thanks to the 2 traits of this combat role: 

  • Melee Expert: Excel at close combat with deadly melee attacks that kill instantly. 
  • Emergency Retreat: Benefit from another speed boost when you are about to die. Run for your life. 

Best weapons for the Medic Class  

The Medic Class in BFV needs the appropriate loadout that enables him to carry out his health care job perfectly. When it comes to healing or reviving his teammates with all the bombings and firefights on the battlefield, the Medic needs a high rate of fire. To ensure enough suppression and cover, these SMGs: M1928A1/ Suomi KP/-31, Sten, MP 40… are the optimal choice. 

The best way to play the Medic class in BFV 

The Medic is a vital member of the team and he is polyvalent, so you can play this class according to your playstyle, but without forgetting that your main objective is to ensure the survival of your squad. Here is a list of tips and tricks for Battlefield 5 Medic Class. 

  • Don’t forget that your team survival depends on yours 
  • The first thing to do when the game starts is to distribute bandages to your teammates  
  • Did you know that you can throw medical pouches to your allies? 
  •  Your Syringe is your best friend; use it to revive your downed teammates quickly 
  • SMGs are your best bet as the Medic is more adapted to close and mid-range combat 
  • Don’t forget to use your Smoke Grenade Launcher to cover yourself and your downed teammate when you are trying to revive him. It can also be used to facilitate your retreat 
  • As mentioned above, you can leverage the Healer Trait of the Field Medic to obtain more Requisition points and call in reinforcement to turn the fight in your favor 
  • Use the Medical Crate wisely; communicate with your teammates and put the medical pouches in the optimal locations for your squad-mates 
  • Spot your downed teammates before reviving them, allowing them to be notified when you’re coming to their rescue 
  • Thanks to the Combat Roles of the Medic, you can use the speed boost to revive your teammates quickly or to take cover quickly when your HP is low. You can also deliver powerful and death-dealing melee attacks  

Battlefield 5 Medic Class has a vital role in the game. Always keep in mind that your top priority is taking care of your team’s medical needs. If you manage to ensure your squad survival, then victory is guaranteed.  

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