Is Warframe Cross-Platform | Crossplay Enabled?

No one can deny that Warframe is one of the most played games nowadays. The smooth animations and intense fights make it so addictive, and that’s why players from around the world got hooked which makes people asking the Million Dollar question: Is Warframe cross platform? In addition to all of this, Warframe is a free to play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game. It was developed and published by Digital Extremes.  

is warframe cross platfrom

The game was released on Windows in March 2013 and then to PlayStation 4 in November 2013, followed by the release to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Warframe has a lot of very positive reviews on Steam (more than 370k reviews) and most players are really loving the grinding and some of them have even spent more than 1k hours playing this game alone. So, going back to our question; is Warframe cross platform? 

Is Warframe Cross Platform | Crossplay Enabled? 

Seeing the number of players grinding on this game daily, Warframe crossplay features should already be in place as many gamers tend to switch between platforms to play their favorite games using one single account. However, Warframe cross-platform is not supported YET! 

Warframe is known to be one of those games that deliver new and fresh content monthly and they are not showing any slowing down. But still, Warframe cross-platform or crossplay is not supported. This goes even further. Updates and new contents are not equally distributed across platforms. If you’re playing on PC, you will notice a delay to download the latest updates or newest content. It might even reach months before downloading them, so no wonder cross-platform is not supported. 

There’s a workaround though. This might not seem very practical, but for some players that invested a lot of hours into this game, it becomes a necessity to transfer their progress to another platform.  

You can transfer a good chunk of your progress to another platform, but you can’t transfer your account, unfortunately. 

Players on Steam, Reddit and other forums are always asking the studio to enable this feature in the game. However, the response was always the same. The studio has a lot of “other stuff” to focus on right now and cross platform is nowhere near the first tasks on that list. And to be honest, I think that the studio is already doing a tremendous job with new content and always delivering fresh and new content on a monthly basis. Let us not forget that this game is also free to play on all platforms.  

You can certainly pay for cosmetics and extra stuff in-game, but you can always play the entire game for free and you won’t feel the disadvantage when not paying unlike other free to play games. 

Will Warframe get Cross-Platform | Crossplay? And When? 

On Warframe Devstream #131, the Dev team mentioned that they are working on Cross-Save and no Crossplay. There’s a fine line between the two and people tend to get confused whenever they hear one of them. 

In the video below, Steve mentioned that he asked his dev team to check what methods they could use to enable this feature (cross-saving). The responded with a couple of methods before stating that they are already working on it and it’s making progress with the console holders agreeing to this as well. 

“Cross-play requires all platforms to be updated simultaneously, which is not what our development schedule allows for at the moment. Given the extra balancing passes needed to make this functionality fair for all platforms and the delay in releasing content that would be necessary for simultaneous updates, I, unfortunately, don’t see Warframe cross-play existing in the foreseeable future,” Digital Extremes Studio Manager Sheldon Carter told WCCFTech in 2016. 

Cross-Save is a feature that was implemented in Destiny 2 which enables the player to continue playing the game where it was left off when changing the platform. 

If you’re playing on a console, cross-save will not let you play against Windows players. I think that the main reason behind this is not the technical limitations, but Sony’s approval to enable the feature. Competition wise, Sony does not tolerate any game to be player-shared between other platforms.  

On the other hand, there are a couple of games that are crossplay supported, but only a few. Fortnite for example managed to turn that on by “accident” and was tolerated by Sony and let it pass. 

is warframe crossplay

This feature will be enabled but not as soon as you might think. But this announcement made a lot of Warframe enthusiasts feel rewarded after spending a huge amount of time into this game. 

With so many games coming out and new technologies and hardware, crossplay or cross platform is slowly becoming the norm. We know that this purely about market share, however, Sony needs to lower their ego a bit and start looking at the problem from another angle. Sony is giving approval to some games to enable crossplay yet stands against the request of others. This raises the question: Why does Sony favors some games on others even though they are equal if not better in terms of fanbase.  

We will have to wait for an official announcement about Warframe crossplay, cross platform and this might take some time. However, if the community continues to push the Dev team to make it happen then it will.  

Warframe fanbase is so big and dedicated to this work of art. We can see that in the huge amount of positive reviews and lengthy topics about the game across the internet and the details that people are talking about. 

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Warframe is also known by its gigantic map that anyone can roam freely and easily spend a lot of time just running around. It would be better if the team add cross platform | crossplay feature to the game. This will definitely increase its fanbase rather than leaving the player with only one option when playing Warframe. 

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