Battlefield 5 classes Detailed Guide

Are you a new player, or a veteran in Battlefield 5? Do you want to get better at the competitive multiplayer world of BFV? Well, the best way to do so is to know everything about the 4 classes available in the game (assault, support, medic and recon or sniper). Knowing how to play each class in battlefield 5 is important, so here is Battlefield 5 classes guide.

The Assault Class Guide

We begin the battlefield 5 classes guide with the assault class, which is the easiest to play, so it is suitable for beginners. Your role is to be in the front line; you must neutralize the targets and destroy enemy vehicles. The assault class is rather versatile in terms of combat distance, you can easily focus on short-range, or medium-range combat. If you want to know what battlefield 5 best classes are, then the assault is the best one. In addition, Battlefield V’s Assault Class is ideal for leading the squad.

The assault is one of the optimal classes of Battlefield V because it is very effective in medium and short-range combat and has a wide variety of weapons and gadgets. The main weapons of the Assault class all have excellent damage statistics and a fairly wide range. These, combined with the explosive gadgets of the class, allow the Assault to have a very important role during the games.

To unlock new weapons and abilities with the Assault class, players must spend time playing with the class to gain experience and level up, as with any other class in the game. If you are looking for a balance between offensive and defensive abilities, then the Assault class is your perfect choice. Basic equipment includes powerful assault and semi-automatic rifles, as well as sticky dynamite and a grenade launcher rifle. In short, the assault class has all the necessary elements to help his team dominate the game.

Thanks to combat roles, which offer each class 2 roles and each role have 2 traits; you can customize your Assault to suit your playstyle as well as the requirements of your squad. In Light Infantry default role, as a Scavenger (the first trait), you find more ammunition on the bodies of allies and enemies and as a Battle Hardened (the second trait), you can regenerate more health than other classes, which is a big advantage for a class that has to handle the front line.

With the Tank Buster role, you can spawn as a tank buster to increase your chances of survival against enemy vehicles and make them more vulnerable, as you can tag them for your entire team. In addition, destroying them gives you more Requisition Points, which will allow your team to call in reinforcements.

The gadgets of the Assault class are unlocked, just like the weapons, by leveling up. Assaults start with a Panzerfaust anti-tank gun and can progress to a PIAT, a more powerful anti-tank weapon, after level 11. The other assault gadget is the sticky grenade, which works perfectly, and then the Rifle Grenade Launcher, which unlocks at level 4 and finally the anti-tank mine at level 6.

The assault is a balanced class offensively and defensively in most situations. It excels in combat against infantry and has the best equipment to destroy enemy vehicles. However, the Assault has difficulty defending against sniper rifle attacks, so be careful when you’re in open ground.
The assault class in BF5 is the leader of his squad, with his explosive abilities; he can be one of the best battlefield 5 multiplayer classes, especially if you manage to get the hang of his capacities.

The Support Class Guide

When talking about battlefield 5 best classes and weapons, the support class is the center of attention. He is a soldier who must favor mid-range combat. His role is to cover his allies as well as to supply them with ammo, fortifications and stationary weapons. Just like the Medic, you must provide your teammates with supplies whenever needed during the game so that they never run out of ammunition! Remember to support the assault class with supplies when he is attacking an enemy vehicle.

With the support, you can make a cover fire to protect a medic who is reviving a teammate, but also support the engagements of the assault by shooting enemy defensive positions. The player, who chooses the Support class in Battlefield V, must always remember that he is one of the most important members of the team, as he is considered as a mobile supply source and has the biggest firearms in the game.

The role of the Support is to act as a mobile ammunition station; he keeps his teammates well supplied so that they do not run out of bullets while ensuring that Allied vehicles remain in good working order.
Players using Support can also build advanced fortifications that provide cover for the team, offer better shooting positions and increase the chances of capturing points. Support Class weapons (LMGs, MMGs and shotguns) are suitable for short and mid-range engagements and have a high rate of fire, which enables him to hold the defense line and keep the enemies at a distance.

The Support class combat roles are; the Engineer, the default one and the Machine Gunner, must be unlocked at level 8.
Engineer allows you to build fortifications faster than other classes. The first trait of this role is Vehicle Fixer, which allows you to repair vehicles and build fortifications quickly, and the other trait is Heavy Weapons Expert, which increases the period of time before overheat when you fire static and mounted vehicle weapons.

The Machine Gunner role offers as a first trait, Bullet Storm, with which you’ll benefit from improved suppression capabilities, and the second trait is Focused Fire, which allows you to automatically spot enemies when you inflict complete suppression on them.

Players can also unlock gadgets for the Support class by leveling up. The starting gadgets are an ammo pouch and an anti-tank mine. The Ammo pouch can be upgraded to become the Ammo Crate at level 4, the Anti-Tank Mine is available at level 11 to help you destroy enemy vehicles.
As a Machine Gunner, we advise you to lie down and deploy a bipod under your weapon for maximum accuracy. Then use the Bullet Storm trait on your enemies to suppress them and thus spot them.

When it comes to battlefield 5 best classes and weapons, the support class has it all. He has a key role in the game. Always keep your teammates supplied with ammo, know the optimal places to build your fortifications and machine-gun nests, use your big weapons to suppress the opponents and spot them for your squad. Just be aware that you have what it takes to guarantee successive victories for your team.

The Medic Class Guide

In battlefield 5 multiplayer classes, the Medic is the most difficult class to master, because he is responsible for the survival of the whole squad. In addition, the Medic class is slightly disadvantaged in combat because it is not his primary role. On BFV the role of the medic is to revive the allies while making sure that the area is safe in order to avoid giving 2 free kills to the opponent (for this you can use a smoke grenade to cover you).
The Medic’s role is also to distribute medical pouches and to heal the squad! Unlike your teammates, you have unlimited medical pouches, so remember to supply them with healing bags at any time during the game.
The Medic contributes to the success of his squad by healing them.

He keeps his allies alive with fast reanimation and medical pouches. Although he is capable of fighting with medium and short-range weapons, his main tool is the syringe, which revives team members faster than the new squad revival ability (possible between all members of the same team).
As main weapons, the Medic uses the SMGs, which are suitable for short-range combat. As for the starter gadgets, he has a medical pouch and Smoke grenade launcher. Over time and by leveling up, you can upgrade these gadgets; you will have the medical crate instead of the medical pouch.

As regards the combat roles of the medic class, the default role is the Field Medic, which is the squad’s best asset when the situation is dire. Your first trait, the Healer is very useful, by distributing medical kits to those who need them; you earn extra Requisition Points, which means your squad will be able to request reinforcements more quickly. In addition and thanks to the second trait, Swift Effort, you’ll have an increased ability to concentrate and sprint faster towards the downed allies that you’ve spotted. A speed boost allows you to reach your fallen comrades quickly.

The second role of the Medic, which must be unlocked, is the Combat Medic; this role offers a balance between assault and support abilities. The first trait is the Melee Expert, which increases the reach of melee weapons and enables all melee attacks to eliminate enemies with one hit. The second trait is the Emergency Retreat, with which you can sprint faster and flee or join the fight faster when your health is critical.

Just like the support class, the medic is an essential member of the squad and the savior of his teammates. He is one of the most difficult roles to master in battlefield 5 classes. You can learn more about how to play the medic class here.

The Recon/Sniper Class Guide

We finish battlefield 5 classes wiki with the Recon class. The sniper is the soldier of shadow when you play this class; long-distance combat is to be preferred. Your role is to cover your allies by eliminating the enemy snipers, but also to spot the enemies thanks to your gadgets. When your squad is rushing an objective, your role is to observe the area with your binoculars and your spotting scopes to spot the enemies in order to help your team. Once you’ve done this, take cover and inform your allies of the arrival of possible reinforcements.

The recon is one of battlefield 5 elite classes and the optimal choice if you want to hold a position, eliminate opponents at a very long-range, and thus avoid close combat.

The recon class will allow you to eliminate enemies from afar with different rifles that have a very long range and use different gadgets that will allow you to spot enemies. Recon’s main weapons; the mighty self-loading and bolt action rifles, are excellent in terms of range, but can also be deadly at close range. Add to this the ability to spot enemies and create spawn options for your squad.

The recon’s combat roles are the Sniper, which is the default role, and the Pathfinder, the second role that you unlock at level 8. The sniper provides players with 2 traits: Steady Hands, which allows you to stabilize and steady your rifle’s sights for a longer period of time. The other trait, Expert Marksman, partially restores your steady duration after each successful headshot kill.

The pathfinder, the second role that is unlocked at level eight, also has two traits. “Advance Scouting” which gives the ability to spawn on squad leaders and spawn beacons of other squads. The second trait “Vanguard” offers an additional gain in Requisition Points when a player spawns on your spawn beacons.

Unlike, the sniper who hides in the shadows and kills the enemies from afar, the pathfinder joins the front and crosses enemy lines. He can analyze the situation and deploy a spawn beacon for his own squad to join the new battle location.
The spawn beacon has other uses. For example, it allows you to make the squad spawn next to an uncaptured objective to quickly take it, or behind enemy lines to sneak up on the objective from the inside.

When it comes to the best battlefield 5 classes and guns, the recon is the optimal choice for many players, especially beginners; this is because the recon is easy to play and has very powerful weapons.
The recon’s gadgets are the spotting scopes and a flare gun that is unlocked at level 4. The other gadget of the scout is the Bouncing Betty Bomb, which you can place on the map to cause massive damage with its explosion.
When you play Recon, make sure to use the abilities of this class to eliminate enemies from afar with your various rifles, use the gadgets to observe the environment and collect valuable Intel for your teammates. The Recon is one of battlefield 5 best classes and the eagle eye that watches over the whole team.

This is the end of our battlefield 5 classes guide. Battlefield V is a game where teamplay is necessary to win, so you will have to adapt your playstyle to the class you are playing in order to win the game. Also, don’t limit yourself to one class, try battlefield 5 all classes and harness each combat role and choose the suitable weapons for every class, this is how you can dominate the multiplayer world of BFV. You can learn more about battlefield 5 best classes and weapons here.

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