How To Get Better At Fortnite

Free, colorful, full of humor and multiple possibilities of strategies: the phenomenon game Fortnite which is launched by the publisher Epic Games and available on PC, Consoles and Smartphones, has everything to please and to attract more and more players, especially with its great Battle Royale mode. A lot of people want to know how to get better at Fortnite.

how to get better at fortnite

Fortnite BR mode can be complicated to understand and to master. If you have never managed to make it to Top 1 by the sheer force of your weapons, perhaps you have to adopt another strategy. Here is how to get better at Fortnite!

Learn more and master everything before starting

Fortnite has an exceptional Battle Royale mode, it is a shooting game related to a building component that must be mastered. Familiarizing yourself with the controls of the game is essential and getting to know it is a good starting point, since modifying them is not an option to exclude.

The possibilities that are offered can be used in many ways, such as moving more easily, protecting yourself or taking your enemy by surprise. Being able to build a rampart in a few clicks, gives you a valuable advantage.

An audio headset is needed

Here’s one of the most important tips on how to get better at Fortnite. There are games that do not need to focus on sound, but on Fortnite, know that it’s very important. Indeed, by increasing the sound, you can hear your enemies running even before seeing them. By listening carefully, you will even know the direction they are taking. So you can find out where they are and kill them.

But, never forget that this can also be used against you, so make the least noise possible when you move on the map, don’t make running as a habit in the game, crouch and be cautious, because if you can hear your rivals with a headset, they can also use it to hear you!

Choose the optimal place of landing

Decisions made early in the game are crucial and it is important not to eject from the battle bus at any time. In order not to foolishly die in the first minutes of play, it is important to choose carefully where you want to land.

It is particularly recommended to avoid cities, which are full of equipment, but also attract a large number of players. Going to a more isolated place with a smaller number of houses is an option to consider so that you can survive as long as possible. It is also a good way to access a good amount of equipment without trouble. Know that early in the game, it is better to avoid any fight with the enemy, because it is difficult to win.

Vary your equipment smartly

Many objects are scattered throughout the map and it is important to vary your inventory to be able to react to all kinds of situations. It is indeed important to take a look at what you have in order to anticipate its optimization.

The degree of rarity of objects is a good way to know the quality of your equipment, the most interesting being the epic (purple) and legendary (orange) objects. Beyond the different possibilities of offensive equipment, you must not neglect the medical kits, the bandages and the potions of health and protection.

Collecting and harvesting resources are necessary for your victory

One of Fortnite’s particularities is the almost limitless destructiveness of its décor, which also serves as a raw material. This is why it is important not to forget to use your pickaxe to do the job; these resources are very practical throughout a game.

Any element, apart from the players’ fortifications, can be harvested or chopped down providing three basic materials (wood, stone, metal), each with its own degree of resistance. We must not neglect this mechanics of the game that turns out to be quickly essential and even becomes vital during a fight. Always make sure that you have enough supplies and resources for building.

Building is the key

Fortnite Battle Royale has a complete building system that allows you to fortify your defenses. Learn to master this aspect of the gameplay to be able to build a fortification quickly when the situation seems conducive to the use of this system.

This is particularly the case at the end of the game when you are in the top 5 and there is no place left on the map to hide! The other players will try to camp behind a tree or hide in a bush; opt for a smart fortification that defends you while allowing you to continue to see what’s around you.

How to eliminate the opponents and avoid death?

A Battle Royale is all about surviving and knowing how to eliminate opponents. Remember that unlike other BR modes, it’s more difficult to look behind oneself in Fortnite. So, you can easily surprise an opponent from behind, but, do it stealthily!

Do not make the mistake of standing still in the middle of a fight. You must move randomly and do not stop jumping! You will become a difficult target to kill because of your movements. This is one of the most important tips and tricks on how to get better at Fortnite.

Understanding and knowing how to use weapons in Fortnite

In Fortnite Battle Royale you can find several weapons of the same type with different colors. Learn how to decrypt and understand these colors! All weapons are not equal in Fortnite Battle Royale and colors are an indicator.

Each weapon has five different degrees of rarity, with gray being the most common color and orange being the rarest color. The rarer a weapon is, the higher the DPS (damage per second) and the better the accuracy and reloading time, so memorize the colors to find out which weapons are best.

Here are the colors of weapons in Fortnite: Gray color: Common, green color: Uncommon, blue color: Rare, purple color: Epic and orange color: Legendary.

In addition, there is a certain weapon for each situation; this is one of the essential rules of the game! If you have a shotgun and an assault rifle and you come face to face with an enemy, who is in a house and he is standing 50 cm away from you, opt for the shotgun, thus leaving him no chance to survive! On the other hand, snipers are suitable for longer range. And always aim a little higher if you are really far from the foe to make sure that you are going to hit him. As for mid-range combat choose a good assault rifle to shoot down your target.

Mastering the weapons, their colors and their effectiveness is essential for your victory!

Exploit traps smartly

Seeing your enemy fall into a trap is great. Play smartly by setting traps on walls, floors and ceilings. You can even lure your opponents to a loot box that you have placed a trap on it. And Bingo!

Beware of the storm

During the game, the more time passes, the more the area shrinks to force players to fight each other. From the first minute of play, a circle will be formed on the map defining the area where the action will take place before the storm closes.

Open your map to determine how far you are from the game zone. When the game tells you that the storm is closing, make sure you quickly reach the inside of the white circle so that you don’t find yourself within the storm, because you will start taking damage and die.

Some extra useful tips on how to get better at Fornite:

  • Be discreet, do not run anywhere, you leave traces visible from afar.
  • Destroying and collecting materials at first might be great, but it’s very noisy and you’ll be spotted quickly.
  • Get to a higher ground to spot other players and shoot them down.
  • Doors and chests make noise when you open them, be careful.
  • Remember to close the doors when you enter somewhere, the noise at the opening will signal the arrival of an enemy.
  • Remember to create walls and buildings when you are being attacked.

We hope that this answered your question on how to get better at Fortnite. At the end, every battle royale game needs practice so that you can become a pro player, thus we recommend that you try the Playground mode, which is a good way to practice using the different mechanics since it is possible to keep going back to this map in order to refine your fighting and building skills. Keep in touch with us for more tricks and news about Fortnite.

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