Counter Strike GO 2: Everything you need to know

Good news for the Counter strike fans! As it seems that Valve has finally revealed the much-awaited follow-up to the current version of CS:GO, known as Counter Strike GO 2 or simply CS:GO 2.

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Surprisingly, not many people are aware of its existence, despite rumors and speculations about its release. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this sequel and have been curious about the game’s new features and how it would differ from the current edition.

In this article, we’ll examine everything you need to know about the upcoming Counter-Strike GO 2, including its improvements and overall performance.

New features expected in CS:GO 2 

Contrary to earlier updates to the Counter-Strike franchise, which ran separate game versions and esports scenes concurrently, Counter-Strike GO 2 will replace Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when it reaches the shops.

The switch to Source 2, the newest game engine from Valve, is among the game’s notable upgrades.

Valve has also improved Counter-Strike’s server architecture and tick rate to improve the game’s overall performance. In addition, the grenade system has undergone a considerable update, as have all of the current CS:GO maps.

Maps update

Many old maps in Counter-Strike 2 have undergone a complete makeover with a fresh look. Popular maps like Dust 2 and Mirage have been “enhanced” by the Source 2 Engine’s improvements to visual quality. Additionally, by observing the game’s props, players can deduce that “time has passed” because some of the maps have been updated with new models for various items, such as the substitution of outdated sinks for more contemporary ones in Overpass.

Upgrade, Overhaul, and Touchstone are the three categories Valve has divided CS2 map updates into. What then distinguishes them? There haven’t been many changes done to the touchstone maps, but some have been noticed. The lighting, materials, and reflections have all been greatly improved in upgrading maps. In the overhaul category, Valve claims that all of the maps have been completely recreated from scratch.

New gun models and skins

It’s important to note that the skins in Counter Strike GO 2 now have a completely different appearance.

In fact, the gun models have also been updated as the new Source 2 engine in Counter Strike GO 2 has greatly improved the aesthetics. 

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All of the default weapons in CS2 have had considerable upgrades in this new version of the game. With clearer and higher-resolution representations, many of the current skins will therefore appear even better than they did before.

They look fantastic when combined with some of the new skins that are currently available in the game because to the exquisite attention to detail in the design. Players will be impressed by the improved quality and realism of the weapon models, which have generally improved greatly since the game’s last iteration.

Thanks to a significant improvement to the lighting and material systems in-game, your skins now look even more fantastic.

New user interface (UI)

The HUD and main menu of Counter-Strike 2 have undergone significant graphic modifications thanks to a brand-new user interface. In-game elements including the team choosing screen, the match-ending phase, and more now have a fresh appearance.

The UI also brings a feature to show your kill count in for of a visual representation of each kill your player scores appears at the bottom, and after five kills, the card deck fills out and shines to show an ace.

New gun sounds and spray pattern

Although Valve’s upcoming Counter-Strike 2 has kept several aspects of its predecessor, notably its audio engine, it has also undergone numerous revisions and improvements.

Gun sounds

As soon as you join a match in Counter Strike GO 2, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the significant changes to the sound engines. Even the default weapon given to terrorists, the Glock-18, has undergone some modifications, resulting in sharper and heavier gun sounds compared to its CS:GO counterpart.

The AK-47, a fan-favorite rifle from the previous iteration, also has a slightly different sound. Meanwhile, the scope-in sound of the popular AWP rifle has been changed to give it a more immersive and realistic feel. Valve has also made changes to the firing sounds of the Galil AR.

It’s worth noting that the surface players are firing at can also have an impact on how the gunfire sounds. All in all, the sound design in CS:GO 2 has been given a significant upgrade, making it an even more engaging and immersive experience ce for players.

Spray pattern

In CS:GO, a key element that builds a skill gap is the guns’ consistent recoil kick pattern. Spray pattern experts can deal far more harm by hitting their shots frequently. As one advances in rank, the skill with which players can control their weapons improves, fostering a more competitive environment.

All of the weapons from CS:GO are still present in the current edition of Counter-Strike 2, but some of them may have slight modifications to their recoil patterns. These modifications, however, might be brought about by the game’s more streamlined sub-tick server architecture.

Will the game be available on console?

Currently, when Counter-Strike 2 launches in the summer of 2023, neither PlayStation nor Xbox will support it. There is currently no information on whether or not a console port is being worked on, therefore the sequel is expected to be a PC-only release when it first comes out.

The majority of people think of CSGO as a PC game even though it was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012. This is because the majority of its player base preferred to play on PC.

This was partially due to the fact that utilizing a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller seemed to make the game play better. Fast reflexes and precise gunplay are crucial components of Counter-Strike’s gameplay, which are far easier to master using a mouse and keyboard.

In conclusion, Counter Strike GO 2 promises to be an exciting new addition to the popular FPS franchise. With updated and upgraded features, including a switch to the newest game engine from Valve, players can expect sharper, higher-resolution weapon models and stunning visuals thanks to significant enhancements to the lighting system and materials.

Additionally, changes to sound engines and server architecture make for a truly immersive gameplay experience. And let’s not forget about the redesigned maps, new skins and weapons.

Counter Strike GO 2 looks set to bring new life to the franchise and provide hours of intense, competitive gaming for players worldwide.

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