Battlefield 6 Release Date, Rumors, Gameplay And More

After a long wait, EA finally decided to reveal their new Battlefield, Battlefield 6. EA confirmed to IGN that the new title will take advantage of the new consoles’ potentials, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, to take every aspect of the game to a new level but we still don’t know if it will be on the previous consoles. 

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This exciting news came along with some disappointing ones for the series’ enthusiasts; Battlefield 5 will only receive support and hotfixes after the next and final Chapter. 

Let’s dive more into this new title and learn more about it. 

Battlefield 6 Release date 

Battlefield 6 will be released in 2021 on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. EA usually launches their Battlefield games on October 21, but, we still don’t know when exactly as they can change the usual release date starting from next year, we never know. 

Battlefield 6 Rumors 

There are a couple of scattered rumors across the internet about Battlefield 6, so we gathered what we think is closer to reality. 


 EA said that the next Battlefield will blow people’s minds! This is a bit of a typical statement coming from such a company to create hype around the game yet seeing the specs of the next-gen consoles, I would say that this might be true and it may be indeed blowing up minds and also hardware, literally.

Battlefield 6 is Bad Company 3

Before jumping in excitement, just bear in mind that this is only a rumor and we may or may not see the next Bad Company in 2021. 

On the other hand though, one user on Reddit which goes by the name of LeakyThrowaway123 met two DICE employees that left the company. Unfortunately, they stated that the new Battlefield is not headed towards a new Bad Company, however, the post was deleted afterward which might indicate that this rumor was flagged as false news or the user took it down. LeakyThrowaway123 is known to have accurate predictions when it comes to video games though. 

Improving The Tactical Side

The production of Star Wars Battlefront has stopped, this tells us how much the entire studio is focusing on Battlefield 6 so you can imagine the amount of work and ideas that are being thrown right now to make this title as unique as possible. 

The only thing that Battlefield is lacking is the tactical aspect. I understand that we are talking about vast maps that tactics are not an option and it’s impossible to predict players’ movements, but, this feature will make the game more intense and competitive and a simple twist in-game mods and map design can make this happen.  

Battlefield 6 Gameplay 

The reveal of the new Battlefield exposed the potential of the game since it’s utilizing the new Playstation and Xbox. This tells us that we might see servers with more than 100-200 players as the stability issues that we saw in the previous titles will be gone. 

DICE is emphasizing on the innovation and the limitation that will be lifted to give its massive fanbase the real battlefield that we’ve been waiting for. 

Battlefield games have the most realistic animations when it comes to destructions thanks to its Frostbite engine, and with the title coming next year, we might also see a big jump in terms of physics and animations. 

Battlefield 6 Maps 

Since Battlefield 6 will be running on SSDs, the loading time will be drastically decreased and also it will allow for much bigger maps compared to its predecessor.  

We are talking about an equivalent to a high-end PC here, no wonder the new Battlefield will have levels as big as Firestorm in Battlefield V if not bigger. 

Compared to Planetside 2 which is a game that was launched 8 years ago, Battlefield maps are not huge enough though. Planetside 2 maps are 8km X 8km and have up to 2000 people running, shooting, and interacting with one another at the same time so, it’s probably time to see something massive like that in Battlefield 6. 

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