Apex Legends – Bloodhound Beginner’s Guide

As a Technological Tracker, Bloodhound is the ultimate hunter in Apex Legends. No matter where an enemy is hiding, she will find him and lead her team to his hiding place. Here is Bloodhound beginner’s guide with all the information and tips to help you get off to a good start. 

Bloodhound abilities 

Let’s start our Bloodhound beginner guide with her abilities. Please note that they are all structured around tracking and hunting. 

Eye of the Allfather (Tactical) 

See through structures for a short time and reveal the location of nearby enemies, any clues they left or any traps they have set up. Everything you perceive will be seen by your teammates too. 

Tracker (Passive)  

Enemies leave clues on the ground, whether it is footprints or interaction with doors, bleeding and how long these tracks have been there. As a Recon Legend, Bloodhound can follow these hints and hunt down her opponents easily.  

Beast of the Hunt (Ultimate)  

This is kind of Bloodhound beast mode, as she unleashes her full hunting potential, allowing her to benefit from enhanced senses, speed boost as well as the ability to highlight her target. 

How to play Bloodhound? 

Bloodhound is a Legend whose expertise is tracking. No ability will allow you to overtake your enemies by attacking them head-on. To play her effectively, you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a tracker. Like a real detective, you’ll be able to use your passive Tracker ability to try and observe the movements of opposing teams, and depending on how you feel, avoid certain areas or not, while being aware of the number of nearby enemies. 

To play Bloodhound properly, you will need to communicate with your allies. Voice communication via Discord or other means is highly advised. A game like Apex Legends requires communication, you won’t last long playing it alone, and even more so when playing Bloodhound. Everything that will be revealed by your abilities will be visible to your allies, but communicating at the appropriate time in order to make the best use of them is absolutely necessary. 

Using Eye of the Allfather will allow you to reveal the position of your enemies, and to adapt your attack accordingly. Depending on the location of the opposing team, you will be able to take them by surprise more easily or lead your team to their hideout. 

The ultimate ability enables you to flush out any stragglers or injured foes and attack them from the rear: your speed will be increased tenfold and you’ll be able to highlight any opponent before attacking them savagely. What’s more, this attack lasts 35 seconds, plenty of time to flush out anyone. This ability is also useful if you want to make a quick escape. 

Bloodhound tips and tricks 

We conclude our Bloodhound beginner guide with some tips and tricks: 

  • Unlike her tactical ability, which reveals a lot of information about the enemy for the whole team, the passive ability shows the tracks left by the opponent only for Bloodhound. Therefore, communicating everything you see with your squad is a must 
  • Avoid using your tactical ability outdoors if you are not sure if there are any enemies nearby 
  • Be careful when using Eye of the Allfather as it generates a pulse when activated, which can be seen by the enemy and reveal your position 
  • Bloodhound uses her abilities to get close to her foes and hunt them, so the optimal weapons for this legend are shotguns. 
  • Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to see enemies through Bangalore smoke, so you can completely prevent an enemy Bangalore from covering her teammates. You can also team up with her to use this combo at will. 

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