Apex Legends – Bangalore Beginner’s Guide

Bangalore is the Professional Soldier in Apex Legends. She is fast, has good marksmanship, and good knowledge of the weapons she uses. She can be played a bit like the other run and gun characters in traditional shooting games, but that doesn’t make her any less interesting than the rest of the legends. In addition, she has some mechanics and abilities that make her very formidable. Check out Bangalore Apex Legends beginner’s guide and the best way to play this character. 

Apex Legends – Bangalore

Bangalore abilities 

Let’s begin our Bangalore Apex Legends beginner’s guide with her abilities, which are quite simple and very useful! 

Smoke Launcher (tactical) 

This ability allows you to throw a smoke that splits into 3 to create a huge wall of smoke that allows you to escape, hide, revive an ally, loot easily to avoid being sniped, and so on. For the other squad members, this skill would be like a mobile covering unit. 

Double Time (passive) 

This is one of the most useful passive abilities in Apex Legends. It works as a kind of warning, a way to escape if you need it and it can even be a great help during an attack; whenever the enemy is shooting at you while you are sprinting, you will benefit from a short speed boost. 

Rolling Thunder (ultimate) 

This ability enables you to invoke an artillery missile strike that crashes into the ground and explodes shortly afterward. It causes a lot of damage to the enemy and can help your team advance when the enemy retreats. It is also useful for dislodging your opponents. 

How to play Bangalore 

As a Professional Soldier with traditional skills, Bangalore has an offensive spirit and she is adapted to direct engagements thanks to her shooting skills and unique abilities. Let’s start with her tactical ability, which is almost more practical than her ultimate attack. Useable every 33 seconds, this ability is likely to be useful to you mainly for : 

Fleeing combat easily

Combined with your passive ability, escaping a fight when you’re in a bad situation by firing a smoke canister remains the ultimate method. You will be able to retreat easily and heal yourself if necessary. 

Reviving downed teammates

Indeed, you will be invisible to the eyes of your enemies in this smoke. If some of your allies are dead, all is not lost! Cover them with your smoke, and use the opportunity to safely revive them. 

Carrying out a surprise attack

using your smoke launcher directly in an enemy zone will disorient them and force them to flee the area. You can also rush into the smoke and kill them: if your weapon is equipped with a Threat Detector, you’ll be able to find your enemies easily, even through smoke. 

As for her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, you’ll soon realize that it’s often useless for killing enemies. Indeed, the delay between its launch and the explosions of the missiles on the ground is quite long and leaves the targeted enemies enough time to flee the area. And this is what this attack should be used for: dislodging your opponents by forcing them to escape from one area, in order to direct them to another one, where you may be able to kill them more easily, especially when you communicate and plan this with your teammates. 

Bangalore tips and tricks 

Let’s conclude our Bangalore beginner guide with some tips and tricks: 

  • Taking into consideration the abilities of Bangalore and her run and gun playstyle, the best weapons of this legend must be powerful SMGs and Shotguns. 
  • Bangalore’s tactical ability to create a huge wall of smoke allows you to surprise and disorient your enemies. You can combine this ability with the ultimate and tactical abilities of Bloodhound, allowing her to see and kill enemies through the smoke. 
  • Beware, however, this strategy also works in the opposite direction, if there is a Bloodhound in the opposing team. 
  • Use Double Time together with powerful short-range weapons, your tactical smoke, and the Threat Detector to run and gun your opponents easily. 
  • If you see that you’re having trouble moving forward, activating your Ultimate ability can be useful so that you can, at the very least, inflict damage or force opponents to hide so that you and your team can move forward. Also, don’t forget to communicate with your squad before using this ability. 

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