The Finals Game Review (Open Beta)

Welcome to The Finals game review! The game was entertaining and it had a lot of unique mechanics that set it apart from other FPS titles with its dynamic and destructible environment that players can use to their advantage and outsmart their opponents.

The finals

The Finals is a free-to-play game that I had the opportunity to test during the open beta testing that runs from October 26th to November 5th on Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

It didn’t give me the vibe of an unfinished game except for the limited number of maps, but I didn’t experience any lag, bugs, or glitches, everything was just smooth.

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The Finals Game Review: Gameplay and Modes

The Finals is set in a futuristic virtual reality show that puts players in competition in various arenas for fame and glory and takes some inspiration from known titles like Cyberpunk and Battlefield. 

If you can play it now, you can take advantage of the free battle pass that is filled with rewards that you can keep after the launch of the full game!

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For now, only three modes are available:

Tournament (Cashout)

This is the main mode of the game where 4 teams of three players each try to find and deposit cashboxes in different vaults. The team that manages to gather the most amount of money at the end of the match wins.

Quick Cash

This is similar to the Tournament mode, but it’s less competitive with three teams of 3 players each competing to deposit cashboxes in one vault. The game ends when a team reaches a certain amount of money, or when the time runs out.

Bank It

Bank It is different from the previous 2 modes. This time the four teams of three players each will not gather money from depositing in cashboxes, but from enemies or the environment, and the last team with the most coins at the end wins the match. I like this mode because it is so chaotic and fun to play with friends without thinking about affecting your rank.

Chaos everywhere!

Destruction, destruction, destruction! I just love that! I had a lot of fun altering the environment to my advantage especially when trying to revive a downed teammate or when defending an area close to the objective.


Environmental destruction is a feature that Battlefield is known for. This makes sense since The Finals was developed by Emvark Studios which is a new studio founded by former DICE developers who also worked on Battlefield games before. I have noticed similarities in weapons animations also.

Character classes and customization

The Finals features three character classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

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If you like speed and agility, then this class is for you, but be aware, the light class is also the most fragile. I’ve found that it’s easy to get more frags when sticking to close-range combat with this class, and not engaging in long-range combat. Light class is very quick and can easily flank enemies quickly and surprise them with swift attacks.

In addition to being fast, you can also turn on that cloaking ability which makes you invisible, this will make it even harder for the enemy to detect you. But once detected and the enemy team starts shooting, then it’s time to get out as soon as possible since the Light class has the lowest health and armor. This class requires a lot of skill and reflexes, but once mastered, you will become unstoppable.


My favorite class. I prefer this class as it’s well-balanced and versatile. Whether you like being offensive or defensive, you can rely on this class. The Medium class is dynamic and can perform well at long distances as well as short ones. All the tactics of the other two classes can apply to this one. In addition to that, this class can heal themselves or their allies, increasing the probability of surviving and eventually, winning the match.


As the name suggests, this class is the slowest of ‘em all! But on the other hand, it’s most powerful. If you are stuck and being pinned by the enemy team and your health is low, well, that’s a bad situation for the Heavy class, however, except in that one situation, you will do just fine in other situations dominating at long-range combat and controlling objectives using snipers, sledgehammers and riot shields. The Heavy class can basically enable wallhacks. They can see the enemy team through walls, but to balance things out, devs made this class an easy target by lowering their mobility and agility.

You can always customize your character with various cosmetics, weapon skins, and even skills.

In conclusion, the Finals is an innovative game that blends chaos and destruction with competitive FPS mechanics. Adding to that, the game allows for creativity and strategy which makes it unique and had me excited for the full release and what the developers will add to the game in the future.

I can tell that this game will be a blast and we will definitely see it in esports!

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