Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides: Kali and Wamai

It was during the customary dedicated pre-final panel that Ubisoft has lifted the veil on Operation Shifting Tides, the next exceptional operation on Rainbow Six: Siege, which will be officially released on December 2, 2019.

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The new update is launched today on the test servers and will be available for three weeks before the holders of the Year 4 Pass can play the new operation in ranked mode.

So no more Ember Rise, it’s time for Shifting Tides, the arrival of a new season with a maritime atmosphere and a whole new content that will welcome two new operators: Kali and Wamai; attacker and defender who are about to join the R6 squad. Let’s learn more about them.


Sex: Female
Origin: Indian
Organization: NIGHTHAVEN Special Intervention Group
Role: Attacker
Main weapons: CSRX 300 (sniper, 5x or 12x zoom)
Secondary weapons: C75 or P226 MK-21
Gadgets: Claymore or breaching charge
Speed: 2
Armor: 2
Unique Gadget: LV Explosive Lances hidden under her CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle 

The sniper rifle of Kali, one of the first new R6 weapons since Year 3, can easily destroy barricades and is able to breach several walls. Her unique gadget is attached to the rifle; it throws a projectile capable of destroying the reinforced walls as well as the gadgets on both sides. It is an alternative to Thatcher. Her ability is vulnerable to Jäger’s ADS as well as the Mag-Nets of the second new defending operator Wamai.

A very powerful sniper with the ability to be 100% deadly in headshot and to down the enemy with a single shot in the chest or limbs, she will be a kind of Hibana 2.0. Indeed, by activating her gadget, the LV Explosive Lances, Kali can deploy a gun under her rifle capable of launching explosive charges allowing simple and effective destruction of the various gadgets and walls, whether soft or reinforced. However, only Mira’s Black Mirrors remain intact.

Kali will be a strong addition to the attackers of Rainbow Six Siege, a real devastating war machine.


Sex: Male
Origin: Kenyan
Organization: NIGHTHAVEN Special Intervention Group
Role: Defender
Main weapons: MP5k or AUG-A2
Secondary weapons: P12 or Rhino D-40 (revolver)
Gadgets: barbed wire or deployable shield
Speed: 2
Armor: 2
Unique Gadget: Mag-NET System

Like a magnet, the unique gadget of Wamai attracts grenades and projectiles; they are not destroyed but explodes at the Mag-Net (only one use). Note that Hibana’s X-Kairos are not vulnerable to this ability. However, Wamai is the first operator in R6 to be able to counter the glass bolts of Capitāo and capture them in his Net. Like Lesion, Wamai gradually regains Mag-Net.

Wamai, the new defender of R6, is to be assimilated to the incumbent operator of the license, Jäger. His Mag-Net system will allow him to intercept enemy projectiles entering his range. If necessary, Wamai’s unique gadget will capture them up by magnetization before detonating them. In addition to cutting short the opposing team projectiles and grenades, he will be able to send them back to their senders and turn the situation around, thus turning the disadvantage to an advantage for his team.

Hold the defensive line with the new Kenyan operator, Wamai, with an alternative anti-projectile gadget destined to compete with Jäger. The Mag-NET system offers a creative solution to counter launchers, capture projectiles, reset their timer and detonate them from a new position. In addition, the Mag-Net can be thrown, thus unlocking multiple new placement options that may make Wamai better than Jäger. However, when you play Wamai don’t forget to communicate with your teammates the location of each device, otherwise, they may be downed with a countered projectile.

A rework of the Theme Park map, new operators, various adjustments and a lot more, Operation Shifting Tides, the new and next theme added with the latest DLC of Rainbow Six: Siege looks very promising. Although Ubisoft has not announced an official release date for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides, it just made its start today November 11, 2019, with the Technical Test Server (TTS). Three weeks of testing indicate a release around December 3, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Keep in touch with us for more information about the two new operators and more about R6.

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