Hell Let Loose Review – Maps, Gameplay & more

The successful start of this indie game

Hell Let Loose is an indie game developed by the Australian studio Black Matter. Composed of a few veterans of the industry, this is the first project of the group and they know they got a lot of eyes on them. For all to be well, they have also managed to engage Team17 for the distribution and edition of the game. These are mainly known for Worms, but their work is not limited to this title.

Hell Let Loose Review

To raise the amount needed by the developers, a Kickstarter was launched in October 2017. In a few weeks, more than 300,000 dollars are raised on the 136,000 requested. It was a great success that unlocked some features. Now, many players are enjoying hell let loose steam version so here’s Hell Let Loose review:


Hell let loose, a new game more-or-less independent, is a multiplayer and realistic first-person shooter for PC, it is based on a platoon system and its events take place during World War II. Hell Let Loose is currently in early access, but already offers epic battles of 100 players (50 vs. 50) with infantry, tanks, artillery…on huge maps allowing an emerging and non-repetitive gameplay. It is a good alternative to Battlefield for all players who want a real immersion through realistic gameplay.

Release date, gameplay and more

Concerning hell let loose release date, the game was launched on Steam Early Access on June 6th 2019 and it is available on PC. This game is currently not finished and may change or not change significantly during its development.

In hell let loose game, each squad member has a role to play and the chain of command indicates the assigned missions. It must be remembered that this game is played with a microphone and following the orders of your squad leader or it loses all interest. The collaborative spirit takes precedence over individual performances. The principle of strategic conquest of points on the map as well as refueling points (gas and ammunition) gives a very interesting collective dimension.

Hell Let Loose offers a realistic, uncompromising approach to multiplayer FPS in squads. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, it offers tactical skirmishes in 50 against 50 on huge maps showing the key places of the Second World War. As in the real conflict, it is the capture of the major points of interest and the recovery of the resources of each area that will ensure the success of the mission. Authenticity is the watchword of the gameplay, especially in terms of the arsenal and the behavior of weapons.

Designed as a war simulation and not an arcade game, hell let loose puts cooperation and mutual support at the center. The lone wolves will not have the expected success, since there will be fights of 50 against 50!


It’s all about managing the resources: The core of the gameplay is based on a mechanism of resource management simple to understand but difficult to master.

Epic battles

Huge maps are available to welcome two teams of 50 players, in 14 different roles (infantry, scout, heavy unit…) each with their own weapons, vehicles and equipment. Officer, scout, gunner, doctor, engineer, tank commander and more, the choices are wide, so you can experience all the soldiers’ classes and aspects of the Second World War.

Realism is guaranteed

The immense extent of the conflict, like perfectly detailed vehicles, weapons and uniforms, respects history, as does the brutality of the battles. The locations are faithfully reproduced from aerial photography and satellite imagery archives using the Unreal Engine 4.

Exceptional resource-based strategic meta-game

Infiltrate enemy lines and defend key areas in this ever-changing battlefield. Critical tactical decisions are made on a large scale, and the management of resources provides support and reinforcement to the hot spots of each map. Team strategy is the key to success.

The importance of team play and communication

That matters the most in HLL is not the kills/deaths ratios or in the elements to unlock: the team play is the cornerstone of the gameplay, same thing for communication. The players work together under the command of the officers and their leader, to capture strategic points and dominate the opponent through the best overall approach of the battle. It’s not possible to win and survive in Hell Let Loose without team play and communication.

The maps

Hell let loose offers 4km2 maps of real battle locations of WWII. They can host 100 players:

  • Sainte Marie du Mont
  • Hürtgen Forest
  • Foy
  • Omaha Beach ( recently added)

Hell let loose review

Each map in hell let loose has its own atmosphere and color scheme. The textures are superb; the effects of light or smoke are successful. In short, visually, it’s great. This game is considered as a direct competitor of Squad and Post Scriptum with squad-oriented gameplay and voice communication. There are teams of 6 players and a commander per camp, the latter manages the squad leaders and communication in addition to refueling and supplying. The goal for all is to take control of the map on a conquest mode.

The wounds displayed on downed soldiers are numerous and can be visually disturbing. The bombings and explosions will blur your vision and a few shots are enough to kill you (there is no life bar; we still have the opportunity to heal when we are injured). The tanks are designed for special teams, just like sniper rifles. As you can see, the game encourages collaboration between players.

The environment and buildings are not destructible and serve rather as a rallying point or as a tension spot. The significant size of the maps makes most games last a good half hour.

Hell let loose ps4, is it possible?

No need to confuse yourselves and get overexcited about hell let loose ps4 right now, because there is no news about the game coming to consoles. It is only available on Steam Early Access.
With many players craving for Hell let loose ps4 and other consoles, the developers replied in the FAQ: “We currently have no plans to bring Hell Let Loose to consoles; our full focus is on Steam Early Access.”

During this Early Access period, the developers’ team intends to work closely with the community to create the best multiplayer experience possible, with regular updates based on player feedback. We remind you that the latest update (N°3) offers a new map of Omaha Beach in Normandy and a new game mode, called “Offensive Mode”, which requires a more strategic style of play. So, hell let loose steam version is being improved, the bugs are getting fixed and all we can say is that it is doing great! All in all, HLL is the optimal game for those who want to experience the most authentic World War Two battles.

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