Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Ultimate Fix (Lag, Stuttering, black screen, Crashes and FPS drops)

10 updates since its release and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is still suffering from many issues; the ones that persisted the most are Lag, cutscenes Stuttering, black screen and Crashes as well as FPS drop.

call of duty advanced warfare stuttering fix

Weeks go by and patches follow one another for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is regularly updated by Infinity Ward to improve the game experience of its community. And even if the patches couldn’t fix multiple issues for many players, we would like to provide you with Call of Duty modern warfare fixes.


This is a bug recognized and identified by Infinity Ward. On PCs, many users find it difficult to take advantage of cutscenes that do not load long enough before launching. Thus causing stuttering and lag, which creates a gap between sound and image.

This problem mainly concerns the PC version, although it can sometimes occur on consoles.

Available since Friday, October 25, the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare encounters a problem (lag, stuttering, sound/video sync problems) during PC cutscenes. Now, if Infinity Ward developers have already started working on a fix, we’ll give you quick and easy solutions so you can enjoy the game’s beautiful cutscenes if you encounter this problem.


Installing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on an SSD is one of the main causes of Stutter. Therefore, you should opt for this fix and Reinstall it on an HDD to avoid the cutscenes stuttering.


For the moment, one of the easiest and most effective solutions, if you encounter call of duty modern warfare cutscenes stuttering, is to leave the cutscenes (and therefore the mission), return to the menu and restart the mission.

Please do as follows:

  1. Launch the mission
  2. Wait until the cutscenes start
  3. Wait a few seconds, let the bug occur
  4. Cancel the mission by returning to the main menu
  5. Restart the mission

Thus, the cutscenes will have had time to load completely, avoiding the horrible gap between sound and image.


Default fullscreen seems to be one the reasons behind Call Of Duty Modern Warfare lag and cutscenes stuttering, so go to settings and carry out these changes:

  • Resolution Mode: Windowed (Fullscreen)
  • Fill Remaining Memory: OFF
  • SuperSampling: OFF

In addition, if the resolution scale is above 100%, make sure to change it to 100.


1. Go to Graphics Tab and Change Custom Framerate Limit to “Unlimited”, then save your changes and load the latest save file. Let’s hope this helps!

Please note that this solution cannot put an end to the lag, but at least it can decrease it.

2. Go to Nvidia GeForce experience’s Settings section and “Turn off” Nvidia “In-Game Overlay” in case you have Nvidia graphics card, then again you need to save your

changes and load up the latest save file. This change will remove Shadowplay from the game, and thus reduce the lag.

3. Close all memory-hogging apps such as Chrome.


Whether on a high-end gaming rig or a low-end PC, many players are encountering a black screen bug, which usually occurs once you launch Call Of Duty Modern Warfare; the game displays a black screen with a mouse pointer or cursor on it. If you are facing this problem, here is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare crash fix for PC, try out these different methods:

1. Update Your Windows 10 OS if your Windows 10 build is older than Windows 10 build 1903 ( Type winver in your windows search box to see the details of your windows build)

2. If you are a launcher user, then you can scan and repair the game thanks to the feature of this launcher, which checks the in-game files and downloads the missing ones.

3. Create a desktop shortcut of the game and run it as administrator

4. Update your PC’s graphics drivers, your OS and it is better to update all the other drivers

5. You can also give a try to uninstall COD MW and reinstall it.

6. Type “msconfig” in the windows search box, press “Enter”, go to Services and choose ‘’ Hide all Microsoft services’’, click on “Disable all’’, then on ‘’OK’’, finally restart the PC and launch the game.

7. Turn off the overclock in Bios/UEFI and GPU software

8. Disable your Firewall/Antivirus and close the background programs like the Keyboard & Mouse software, MSI Afterburner, the Zotac Firestorm, AutoHotKey, Skype, Nvidia GeForce Experience, ASUS GPU Tweak II and EVGA Precision X1…


COD MW automatically sets the game’s resolution to that of your desktop display, changing this resolution in-game has no effect. Make sure to set your desktop resolution to the same you want to run the game, set the resolution scale in-game to 100% and make sure the resolution in-game matches your desktops. You can also try these different fixes:

  1. Turn Texture filter + anisotropic to normal
  2. Set Bios to default
  3. Turn off XMP in bios
  4. Turn all clock modes off
  5. Change the Custom Framerate limit to custom and set the limit to your refresh rate.
  6. Open activity monitor and reduce COD priority to ‘Normal’

Whether you have NVIDIA or AMD Graphics, You should update your Graphics Drivers.


Before we begin, you should make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements of the new cod modern warfare:

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit (SP1) or Windows 10 64-Bit (1709 or later)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k or AMD equivalent
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2GB / GTX 1650 4GB or AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • HDD: 175GB HD space

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64 Bit (latest update)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k or AMD equivalent
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB / GTX 1660 6GB or AMD Radeon R9 390 / AMD RX 580
  • RAM: 12GB RAM
  • HDD: 175GB HD space

We have checked the settings of professional players and we have carried out numerous tests in order to provide you with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare boost fps as well as optimal solutions to COD MW performance issues. After updating your graphics drivers, you should change Graphic Card Settings.

Change Graphic Card Settings

For Nvidia

  1. Open Nvidia’s Control Panel
  2. Click Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings
  3. Find “Call of duty modern warfare”, you can manually add the game if it’s not in the list by clicking on ADD
  4. Then, carry out the following changes:
  5. Monitor Tech: G-Sync (If available)
  6. Maximum Pre-rendered frames: 2
  7. Threaded optimization: On
  8. Antialiasing – Mode: Off
  9. Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance
  10. Texture Filtering – Quality: Performance

For AMD Radeon

  • Anti-Aliasing Mode: Override Application settings
  • Anti-aliasing Method: Select the 2X or Multisampling
  • Morphological Filtering: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Turn it On
  • Anisotropic Filtering Level: 2X
  • Texture Filtering Quality: Performance
  • Surface Format Optimization: On
  • Wait for V-sync: Off
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off
  • Shader Cache: AMD optimized
  • Tessellation Mode: Override application settings
  • Maximum Tessellation Level: Off or you can opt for 32x or lower
  • GPU Workload: Graphics
  • Chill: Off
  • Frame Rate Target Control: Disabled
  • Turn Off Game Mode

The Game bar is known for being the reason for many FPS issues, so it is advised to turn it off.

  1. Click Start, go to Settings then Gaming
  2. Open the Game Bar and turn off “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”
  3. Turn off the Captures tab “Record the background while I’m playing a game”
  4. Turn off the Game Mode tab


Launch COD modern warfare, go to settings, click on “Graphics”, and carry out the following changes:

Display Mode

Display Monitor
Set this to the monitor you’ll be playing on. If you have one monitor, then you don’t need to set this setting.

Screen Refresh Rate
Set this to your monitor’s native refresh rate.
For smoother gameplay and for a competitive edge, a refresh rate of 144Hz or above is highly recommended.

Render Resolution
Set this value to 100 (recommended)
If you have a very powerful graphics card, you can set this to a higher value for better visuals.

Aspect Ratio

Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)
Disabled (to avoid input lag)

Custom Framerate Limit
Disabled (to prevent the game from limiting your FPS)

NVIDIA Highlights

SDR Color Space
2.2 (sRGB) if you have a monitor
2.4 (BT1886) if you have a TV

Texture Resolution
Normal (if you set it to high, it will cost you 2-3 FPS, you can do so if you have a high-end rig)

Texture Filter Anisotropic
You can set this to High, as it does not cause FPS drop

Particle Quality
From Low to high, there is no big FPS drop, so you can opt for High

Bullet Impacts
Enabled (it costs only 1 FPS)


Shadow Map Resolution

Cache Spot Shadows

Cache Sun Shadows

Particle Lighting

DirectX Raytracing
Having the highest effect on performance if you have an RTX-enabled graphics card, the Raytracing must be Disabled if you are opting for the best and smoothest performance.

Ambient Occlusion
Disabled or MDAO

Screen Space Reflection (SSR)

Off or SMAA 1X

Depth of Field

Filmic Strength

World Motion Blur

Weapon Motion Blur

Film Grain


Discord (in case you are using it):

  1. Go to Discord Preferences
  2. Click on the Appearance tab
  3. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

The same thing for Google Chrome, as it also has hardware acceleration:

  1. Go to Google Chrome Settings
  2. Go to the Advanced Settings
  3. Turn off Use Hardware Acceleration When Available


For PCs that are slightly below the minimum system requirements, the settings below can help you minimize the risks of encountering the different issues of cod modern warfare.

In the in-game video options, please do as follows:

  • Options – Graphics
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Sync Every Frame (V-Sync): Disabled
  • Texture Resolution: Medium or lower
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic: Low
  • Particle Quality: Low
  • Bullet Impacts: Disabled
  • Tessellation: Disabled
  • Shadow Map Resolution: Normal
  • Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
  • Particle Lighting: Low
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Filmic Strength: 0.00
  • Film Grain: 0.00

Finally, we hope that this ultimate fix helps you enjoy Call of duty modern warfare at its best. Please remember that the fixes mentioned above might work for you and don’t work for others or vice versa. So keep trying and test the different methods and solutions that we provided in this article. In the end, let’s hope that Infinity Ward will stabilize and improve the game for everyone as soon as possible to satisfy its community. Until then, keep in touch with us for more tips and information concerning the new COD.

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