Unrecord Release Date And Reveal Trailer Analysis

Unrecord is a scheduled single-player first-person shooter that puts players in the shoes of police officers as they chase and capture criminals. The police body camera serves as the players’ point of view in the game. To discover clues and solve cases, players will have to rely on their tactical abilities. The game’s new trailer highlights its outstanding gameplay and has sparked a lot of interest among enthusiasts. This article will tell you when the game will be released and what you can expect from the game based on the gameplay trailer.

Game plot

Unrecord is a first-person shooter game that focuses on the story of a tactical police officer as viewed through his body camera. You’ll need to use both tactical and detective abilities if you want to win the game and solve challenging cases.

The game offers a range of gameplay elements that keep players interested throughout in addition to its captivating and intriguing plot. Players may relate to the characters more deeply because to the game’s rich dialogues, which provide a deeper understanding of who they are and why they do what they do. The gameplay features a variety of obstacles that call for the player to use both tactical and detective abilities. Players are forced to make morally challenging decisions that have an impact on the plot and the characters as a result of the game’s difficult moral choices. This element of the game makes the whole experience more nuanced and sophisticated.

Trailer analysis

Unrecord’s debut trailer features the same abandoned Eastern European buildings and a protagonist who appears to be a police officer crawling within. Because of the high field of view and body-cam style with chromatic aberration effects around the borders, the shooting and gameplay style appear to be lifted from a VR game, however the game is NOT a VR title. To be honest, the footage appears so lifelike that it could easily be mistaken for an airsoft match video on YouTube…

This game belongs to the SWAT game series genre, as does its early access predecessor Ready or not, which has the similar concept: SWAT police teams attacking emergency hostage scenarios in an attempt to restore order to chaos.


The trailer shows a drone at one point, which is most likely a game mechanic. Another thing to note is the discussion options at the end of the trailer, where you can choose what occurs next, most likely influencing the plot arc, akin to RPG titles like Mass Effect, Skyrim, or Fallout.

So, a single-player realistic FPS with a plot comparable to that of a detective fiction. A niche market, to be sure, but one that is much needed. Unrecord seems like a cross between SuperHot (a creative and distinctive FPS experience) and Heavy Rain (an action-packed novel-style tale that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the game).

Fake or extremely realistic trailer?

The recently released gameplay trailer has sparked a heated debate on the internet. Mainly whether the scene shown in the trailer is an in-game scenario or a well-made fake.

The question comes mainly as a result of the highly lifelike graphics, but also due to the odd motion and perspective.

There are many users who seem to be quite concerned about the authenticity of the game’s sceneries, with some claiming that they cannot possibly be real while others arguing that the powerful Unreal Engine 5 is more than capable of producing such impressively realistic visuals.

The developers have responded fast. Alexandre Spindler, the CEO of DRAMA, has provided further information on Twitter showcasing the scenes seen straight in the Unreal Engine editor. Spindler utilizes the free camera there and also plays a few seconds himself to illustrate that it’s not a fake, adding, “For those who thought Unrecord was fake or a video, sorry.”

At the same time, the devs issued a more detailed statement on Steam. It’s not only an issue of whether the video is real or phony. The game’s theme is also addressed in connection with the ultra-realistic graphics, including the ongoing concerns surrounding the police force in the United States in terms of racism and police brutality:

The French studio is developing the game with the goal of catering to a global audience. The game’s plot has nothing to do with foreign policy and is entirely fictitious, with no basis in real-life events. Furthermore, the creators have made a concerted effort to avoid any delicate or contentious issues such as discrimination, racism, and violence against minorities.

Unrecord Release Date

Developer DRAMA has verified that Unrecord “does not yet have a release date and is not expected to be released this year,” despite earlier reports stating that it would debut on July 20, 2023. Unrecord Release Date is anticipated to debut in early access, alpha, or beta form in 2024, with a full launch set for 2026 or later.

One thing to keep in mind is that DRAMA is “still seeking publishers and investors to support the studio,” which might result in significant delays if financial goals aren’t met. Those who were hoping that Unrecord would release soon should lower their hopes because it appears that this game won’t be available for some time.


In conclusion, Unrecord is an upcoming single-player first-person shooter game that puts players in the shoes of a police officer chasing down and capturing criminals. The game’s unique perspective from the police body camera and its focus on tactical and detective abilities make it an intriguing addition to the FPS genre. The game’s debut trailer showcases impressive graphics and lifelike gameplay, leading to discussions about whether the footage is real or not. The developers have confirmed that the game is indeed real and addresses ongoing concerns surrounding the police force in the United States. Unrecord is expected to release in early access, alpha, or beta form in 2024, with a full launch set for 2026 or later. While the release may still be a few years away, the anticipation and excitement for Unrecord continue to grow among enthusiasts of the FPS genre and those interested in the game’s unique concept.

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