The Division Heartland Free To Play News, Review and Updates

The Division Heartland” is a free-to-play game in the popular The Division” franchise developed by Ubisoft. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game follows agents of The Division as they work to restore order and rebuild society in the aftermath of a catastrophic pandemic.

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If you’re not already familiar with it, “The Division” is an action-packed third-person shooter game series that takes place in an expansive open-world setting. The original game was initially launched in 2016 to great success, spawning a sequel titled “The Division 2” that was released in 2019. Even though “The Division Heartland” is set to be apart from the original “The Division” games, it is sure to be an exciting new chapter for fans who can’t get enough of the game’s intense combat and immersive gameplay. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or just discovering it for the first time, “The Division” offers a thrilling and engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

This article will deal about everything you need to know about Ubisoft’s upcoming game.

Game development

The Red Storm Entertainment studio at Ubisoft, which also worked on “The Division 2,” is set in charge of “The Division Heartland.”

The fact that “The Division Heartland” will be free to play is one of the most significant modifications in the development process. This differs from the franchise’s earlier games, which were customary for-pay titles.

The game’s development team had to adjust the game’s mechanics to suit under a free-to-play model among other difficulties throughout the development process. Despite these challenges, the team stayed committed to their objective of making a fun and interesting game that would appeal to a wide audience. They were able to overcome these challenges and make a game that was not only successful but also adored by players all around the world by focusing gameplay mechanisms that were both enjoyable and approachable. This game is certain to give you hours of excitement and amusement, whether you’re an experienced player or just looking for something to do while passing the time.

Story and Gameplay

The post-apocalyptic scenario that fans of the franchise have grown to know and love is continued in the plot of “The Division Heartland.” Players will be thrust into a fascinating journey with twists and turns in a charming tiny town in the middle of America in this game. Players will have the chance to discover the town’s numerous secrets as they explore it, from secret passages to long-forgotten artifacts from the past. “The Division Heartland” is certain to be a hit with both series loyalists and newbies because to its compelling plot and engaging gameplay elements.

The Division’s agents, who are tasked to bring society back to order and rebuilding after the pandemic, are the main subject of the story. In order to complete tasks, explore the world, and solve the various puzzles of the game, users can create their own agent and cooperate with other players.

The ongoing battle between The Division and the “Rikers” gang has been a key plot point in “The Division” franchise. A gang of ruthless criminals known as The Rikers has taken over several areas of the city and is out to wreak havoc. They pose a real challenge for The Division agents, whose job it is to reconstruct civilization and restore law and order in the post-apocalyptic world. The world of the game continues to be seriously damaged by the Rikers’ presence because of the far-reaching effects of their acts.


“The Division Heartland” undergoes an engaging gameplay experience that includes a multitude of new concepts, modes and features to the franchise.

Additionally, we may infer that the game will feature two playable modes: “Storm,” a PvPvE mode, and “Excursion,” a PvE mode created to assist players prepare for Storm.

Players who are looking for a way to familiarize themselves with the game’s world will find Excursion mode to be Storm’s practice mode. In Excursion, players can team up with two friends and engage in scavenging, looting, exploring, and combat against enemy AI. The game’s vast region, “Silver Creek,” provides an expansive backdrop for players to hone their skills and become better acquainted with the game’s mechanics. Overall, Excursion mode promises to be an exciting and immersive way for players to prepare themselves for the challenges that await them in the main game.

Silver Creek

There are many opportunities to obtain unusual stuff in Silver Creek’s expansive open environment, but the game’s virus-contaminated gas can spread from any spot rather than merely moving in from the maps edges like we have seen with many Battle Royales to date. Players can avoid entering a “DBNO state,” which is just a more technical name for the gas attack, by discovering and making gas mask filters, players avoid being downed.

Similar to previous The Division games, this one will offer tiers of loot in the colors grey, green, blue, purple, and gold.

Base of Operations

Your main hub is located in a desolate rink and is known as your Base of Operations. You can personalize your loadout here, purchase upgrades, mods, and new weapons, as well as set up matches for lobbies and market your loot.

You can also enable “projects” from this page, which are Heartland’s version of the daily and weekly missions. You’ll receive more resources and XP points after completing these tasks.

One especially interesting feature of your Base of Operations is the small arcade that it contains. For Honor, Just Dance, and Driver, among other older Ubisoft games, are available in this arcade. Whether these can be played as minigames after the game is released is unclear.

You can make “Prep Items” and weapon upgrades at the BOO. Prep Items go without saying, but they are things you can bring into a game to give yourself an advantage. There a currently four Prep items in the game: Insertion point, Stash box, Buff tower and Extractor pod.

Characters and classes

There are presently six unique characters available in The Division Heartland, three of which are males and three females. However, nothing else sets them apart from one another besides their appearance.

You must select one of three classes after choosing your character:

Weapon expert

“Tracking shot”: a talent that lasts for five seconds and marks enemies after they have been shot. “Shared armor kit”: Armor kits can fix both your and your neighbors’ armor.


“Health Recovery”: Restore Health after a brief period of time

“Shared health kit”: same as above but for health.


“Loot detection”: Crouching highlights neighboring loot crates that haven’t been opened.

“Shared filter”: same as above but for filters

In “The division: Heartland”, players can anticipate seeing “Vultures,” AI adversaries that are common in The Division franchise. There are currently six different types of vultures in the game, each with a unique set of traits. Flanker, Grunt, Heavy, Sharps, Hooter, and Technician are some examples of these sorts. Each variety of vulture poses a unique set of difficulties and necessitates a distinct approach to be victorious. To win a battle, you’ll need to be flexible and on your toes while dealing with the nimble Flanker, the highly armored Heavy, or the elusive Sharps. Heartland promises to provide gamers with a varied and interesting enemy lineup to test their abilities against thanks to these six different species of vultures.

Release date and platforms

There has been no official announcement of a release date for “The Division Heartland,” however it is expected to occur in 2023. All of the major gaming platforms, including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, will have the game available. Due to The Division Heartland’s free-to-play model, gamers won’t have to make any initial payments to start playing.

By pre-ordering “The Division Heartland,” players not only get the assurance of owning the game on launch day, but also a special in-game cosmetic item that will set them apart from other players. This exclusive item can be anything from a unique weapon skin to an outfit, depending on what the developers have decided to offer as a bonus for pre-ordering.


Early reactions to “The Division Heartland” have been mostly positive. Gaming media outlets and early access players have praised the game’s improved gameplay mechanics and immersive world, which provide an engaging and challenging experience for players.

Some of “The Division Heartland’s” most notable elements have been emphasized in early reviews. The new “Excursion” game option, which encourages players to explore new areas and unearth secrets, is one of the most prominent elements noted. The challenge and unique gameplay of this mode have received appreciation. Additionally, the new “Survivalist” class has gotten praise for its special abilities and gear, which give players a fun and novel gameplay experience. Overall, these elements have contributed to “The Division Heartland” becoming a thrilling and much awaited installment in the series.

Some people have expressed worries about “The Division Heartland” despite the favorable reviews. The game being free to play has drawn criticism which contend that it might compromise the game’s overall quality. Additionally, some early reviews of the game’s plot have been divided, with some people saying that it falls short of the lofty expectations set by earlier installments in the series. Long-term effects of these complaints on the game’s popularity are still unknown, but it is obvious that “The Division Heartland” has already attracted a lot of attention and will probably do so in the future.

Breaking down the benefits of a Free-to-Play model

The game will be available to a far larger audience since “The Division: Heartland” is free to play. The upfront expense of earlier games in the series may have discouraged some players, but they may now try out “The Division Heartland” without spending any money. This is fantastic news for franchise devotees who might have been hesitant to shell out money for a new game or for new players who might be interested in the series but not yet prepared to make a financial commitment.

The fact that “The Division Heartland” is free to play will level the playing field for all players, which is another important advantage. In earlier games, those participants who were prepared to wager more money frequently had an advantage over those who weren’t. For instance, they might be able to afford superior equipment or weaponry, which would give them a tactical advantage. Everyone will begin playing “The Division Heartland” equally regardless of how much money they are willing to invest because it is free to play. This implies that winning the game will depend entirely on talent and strategy rather than on who has the biggest bankroll.

It’s crucial to remember that just because “The Division Heartland” is free to play, that doesn’t mean its creators won’t make money from it. It is anticipated that “The Division Heartland” would incorporate micro transactions and other forms of monetization, similar to other free-to-play games. Players will have the choice to buy in-game accessories like clothing and gear to enhance their gaming experience. This strategy has been effective in numerous other games, and “The Division Heartland” will probably follow suit. Players will be able to support the creators while also receiving more advantages and personalization choices thanks to these micro transactions.

In conclusion, the future game “The Division Heartland” has the potential to revolutionize the franchise. The game claims to give players an exciting and engaging experience as they explore the huge world of “Silver Creek” thanks to its free-to-play concept and extended gameplay. Players will also experience a greater degree of customization and immersion thanks to the addition of new elements like crafting and base-building. It’s obvious that “The Division Heartland” has already generated a lot of talk and anticipation as fans eagerly await its debut. It’s definitely a game worth keeping an eye on, whether

you’ve been a lifelong fan of the brand or are just getting started. Prepare yourself to face the Vultures in “The Division Heartland” by putting on your best gear.

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