Best Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Guns

Since the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, many players have already been able to try the weapons of the title. There are many weapons in each category; Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, Launchers, Handguns and Melee weapons. Find below the best Call Of Duty Modern Warfare guns.

Best Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty modern warfare


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This weapon deals a lot of damage and has a relatively weak recoil. It is effective in long-range engagements. The M4A1 has extraordinary features such as optimal accuracy, great vision and even a standard crosshair. It is very comfortable; as there are many Pro players who use it in the last levels because of the balance that it offers. The incredible fire rate of this powerful AR is ideal for storming your opponents, miss your enemy once; you will get him in the next few shots. It also adapted to all players despite their levels, which makes it the best weapon of the game.


In multiplayer mode, this weapon has an important role. Those who master it skillfully will possess one of the most powerful weapons of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This weapon is a basic element of the Kalashnikov, an explosive assault rifle, the precision with which it counts. It’s phenomenal, the reload is done quickly, the only problem is the recoil, if you can control it, it will be the best option to choose. This classic weapon is not to be put in the hands of novice players since it is hard to master.

Best Submachine Guns in Call Of Duty WM

MP5 and MP7

These two SMGs, MP5 and MP7 belong to the best Call Of Duty Modern Warfare guns. The first is classic. It’s old, but it ensures a good balance between stopping power, accuracy and ADS speed. This weapon has considerable recoil and we, therefore, advise you to equip it with a handle to stabilize it. The MP5 is very effective in mid-range combat, it is the optimal choice for players who want to run and gun while shredding your enemies.

The second, the MP7 is an automatic submachine gun 9mm. It ensures an excellent balance between stability, mobility and power. Its handling is very fast and is optimal at close combat. It is unlocked only at level 54 but it is possible to get it faster by doing the Training Camp mission that unlocks this piercing submachine gun.


It is also a classic, this weapon is a solid choice if you want to do heavy damage and thus ensure easy and quick kills.  It is ideal for players who love to move around on the map with its high mobility and will be perfect for close combat thanks to its remarkable accuracy and its power.

Best Sniper Rifles


Fast and deadly, The HDR is very powerful, it can cause instant death, regardless of the part of the body affected, reload quickly and with incredible accuracy, it is absolutely the greatest sniper rifle available in modern warfare best loadout, in addition to being among the best guns In Modern Warfare

If we compare it to other weapons of the same style as the Dragunov, which has a huge recoil problem, it does not have the ability to kill at once, the AX-50 certainly has better power than the HDR but it is very difficult to handle, the HDR is undoubtedly the best choice for snipers.

Best Light Machine Guns


This LMG has very good accuracy, heavy damage and a scope that allows it to be as effective at both long and short distances. However, since its firing rate is not the highest and like all machine guns its mobility is relatively low.  But it is still among cod modern warfare best loadout.

Attach a silencer to the PKM and turn it into a fast devastator that can easily destroy your enemies. Even at close range, you can pull the trigger and put an end to your opponents who are attempting a flank attack. It is Ideal for climbing and looking at the lines of sight. It can wipe out several enemies at once.

Best Shotguns


This super powerful shotgun deals great damage and provide lethal blows at mid-to-close range combat. Its double barrel allows limiting the dispersion for an optimal result during the exchanges of shots. With the 725, it’s really rare to miss your target. It’s a beast that kills everyone at close range. Equip the shotgun as a secondary weapon during indoor engagements and you will have easy frags. It’s very adapted to small maps and it is the best shotgun in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Marksman Rifles

MK2 Carbine

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A very accurate Marksman rifle that can neutralize any enemy with a bullet well placed in the head or chest. The MK2 Carbine is ranked among Call Of Duty best loadout.


It is a great bolt action rifle using Mauser 7.92 mm ammo. A relic from the Second World War that remains particularly deadly in the hands of a sharpshooter.

Best launchers

Enemies hiding in a bunker, the opponents’ killstreaks, tanks and helicopters… all these can be taken out easily with the following destructive launchers, which are irreplaceable in modern warfare best loadout:

  • PILA
  • RPG-7
  • Strela-P

Best handguns


The 1911 is the most powerful semi-automatic handgun available. It deals heavy damage at medium range. If you are in close combat, this weapon will perfectly do the job if you no longer have ammo in your main weapon magazine. This amazing Pistol complements your loadout in the new cod modern warfare.

Best melee weapons

Well, melee weapons are very handy when you want to kill your enemy in stealth mode from behind without being noticed, they are also your last option in close range combat when you run out of ammo:

  • Knife
  • Karambit Knife
  • Axe

That was the best Call Of Duty Modern Warfare guns until now, we don’t know what will happen to these weapons with the future patches, so arm yourself to the teeth and go get your frags with this powerful arsenal.

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