Top 5 Overwatch Nerf Guns On Amazon For Your Cosplay

Overwatch Nerf Guns

Overwatch is one the best multiplayer FPS games out there and its fanbase is growing exponentially each day. I am also a big fan of this game and especially its weapons’ styles so that’s why I searched and gathered the best Overwatch nerf guns on Amazon so you don’t have to. 

Reaper – Hellfire shotguns with Mask (Whight Edition Collector Pack)


This one is easily the best Overwatch nerf gun pack, especially, with that additional Reaper mask. You can take on the role of Reaper with double shotguns with 16 Nerf Rival Overwatch rounds. 

Checking the reviews, people are really liking this Overwatch nerf gun. 

This pack holds 2 shotguns, Reaper mask and 16 custom Rival rounds and the instructions. 

Pros & Cons 

(+) Smooth and simple loading mechanism 

(+) You can shoot two bullets at the same time 

(+) Un-jamming system available 

(+) Lightweight and comfortable 

(+) High quality mask 

(-) The safety lock is not easily accessible during a game (ignore if you’re a cosplayer) 

(-) You can’t add an extension to the rifle 

Reaper – Hellfire shotgun (Wight Edition) 

Hellfire shotgun nerf gun

If you only want the shotgun without the extra stuff, then go for this one.

Its design and textures are unique. The blaster can hold up to 8 rounds and its velocity is 90 feet per second (27 meters per second) with spring-action mechanisms, ready indicators, and a trigger that locks to prevent the rounds from firing accidentally. 

Soldier: 76 – Heavy Pulse Rifle

Heavy Pulse Rifle nerf gun

If you’re an average human being, this might be heavier than you’re usual nerf gun as it needs 6 batteries to power up the whole thing. If your intention is to just use the blaster for cosplay purposes, I would recommend that you don’t install any battery as it will make it super heavy, but, if you like the light animation when you fire, go for it. 

80% of what you can see has no function, it’s purely made for design purposes and for cosplayers in mind. 

Un-jamming system available and you can put up to 30 rounds in the hopper found at the top (needs to be exposed before shuffling the rounds). 

Safety lock is easily accessible.

D.Va – Nerf Rival Light Gun

D.Va Nerf Rival Light Gun

This pack Includes The blaster, 3 green Rival rounds and the instructions.  

High-quality design and cute textures mimicking what you see in the game with a magazine that can hold 3 rounds. 

If you’re a hardcore nerfer, this blaster has a cool recoil animation when firing and it’s comfortable to hold for cosplayers, however, the bunny keychain is not detachable. 

McCree – Peacekeeper

McCree Peacekeeper nerf gun

This pack has the blaster, 6 balls, badge and instructions 

After pushing back the handle and exposing the chamber, you will see only one area where you can fit up to three balls in it. Velocity might be affected as the shooting power will be shared. If you’re a cosplayer and you’re not willing to shoot, then no need to worry about it. 

On the other hand, the loading mechanism is a bit slow yet so stylish. 

The un-jamming button is easily reachable and the blaster is very easy to hold. 

So, what will you buy on this Overwatch nerf guns list? Personally, I like the first pack as it contains the mask, it’s really comfortable to wear, and with the two shotguns, you will look badass as hell! 

Tell us in the comment what you want us to list in the next article on Vertical Bullet.

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